Draft Predictions

I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with Tavon Austin, it's like last season when people wanted Justin Blackmon, WR is not our number 1 priority, we still have Williams and Jackson, and our stud RB Martin that can lead our offense.

Draft Prediction(If we trade and land Revis)

1st: Jets Pick

2nd: MLB Manti Te'o (This is a stretch and a very risky deal, but at the state Bucs fans are Dominik will look to take some risk to fill in some seats, Te'o has alot of upside and potential and this would allow Foster to move back to the OLB position, also Te'o might like playing with his cousin DE Daniel Te'o-Neishem)

3rd: CB Tyrann Mathieu ( Another risk? Really? Yes, the Bucs have taken risks in the draft before. For example, Mike Williams who has been a good receiver and also Warren Sapp who is of course an all time great in Tampa. Sapp had similar problems to what Mathieu is currently going through, Mathieu seems determined to change his life and go down the right path and Schiano can help lead him to success in the NFL, Mathieu,Revis,Goldson, and Barron would be the best Secondary in 1-2 years if Mathieu avoids trouble which is likely)

4th: TE Gavin Escobar (Young playmaker who can replace Clark though Stocker will be starting TE for a year or two)

5th: DT Jordan Hill ( Replaces Miller and can stuff the run pretty well)

6th: QB Denard Robinson (Young QB who can give Freeman some pressure to perform better)

7th: C (No specifications, just grab a young center who can play multiple positions on the O-Line)

Draft Prediction (If we don't trade and do not land Revis)

1st: CB Xavier Rhodes (Easy pick for the Bucs, they need a stud at CB)

2nd: MLB Manti Te'o (Sticking with Te'o again, he has to much upside at a needed position to be ignored)

3rd: CB Tyrann Mathieu (It's not crazy to draft two young studs who were both considered top at their position in the nation at one point, Mathieu and Te'o have alot of potential and can be two steals in the draft)

4th: TE Gavin Escobar (Gives Freeman a solid TE to throw it out to)

5th: RB Marcus Lattimore (ANOTHER RISK? I know I must be crazy, but if Lattimore returns healthy he can turn out to be better than Martin, But the point is not to replace Martin, It's to Trade Lattimore later on for some early draft picks (3rd and 4th) )

6th: DT (I honestly don't know any DT's who are worth mentioning in the 6th round, better off moving Te'o-Nesheim over or try to sign someone)

7th: KR (We need a consistent returner who can show skill returning the ball)

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