How the Bucs should fix their team

One thing that everyone is kind of forgetting is that the Bucs are having serious fan issues that saw a majority of their games get blacked out. The team has a lot of upside and has the players that can become stars such as David, Martin, Baron and hopefully the Dline can become what the Bucs wanted when they invested their 1st round picks into it the last few seasons. One thing I think the Buccs need to do is to not only fill the holes but to add exciting players that will bring in fans. Here is how I think they should do so:

1. Make the trade for Revis. He's one of the best shutdown corners in the league and if we have seen anything from players coming back from ACL surgery, they come back and don't miss a beat (Peterson, Charles). He's been working out and is looking good so far. The only key thing is they can't give up anything from this years draft. If they can keep all their picks from this years draft, it would be perfect. Offering a 1st, and either a 3rd or 2nd next year (one of the picks not both) should do the trick. Revis is an exciting corner to watch and fixes your need for a #1 CB and will be a good mentor for guys that have some potential like Myron Lewis and Leonard Johnson. If Wright restructers his contract, he would be a key number 2 corner with Revis and together would help their secondary issues. Revis is also a very vocal player and fans loved him in New York. He would instantly bring in more fans to Raymond James Stadium.

2. Tavon Austin 13th Overall. Now earlier in the summer, I was thinking the Bucs need to address this draft by adding CBs (Rhodes, Trufant) or a Saftey (Vaccaro) but if they make the trade for Revis, Wright is willing to take a pay cut and Barber returns to be a nickel corner, The CB position is already so much better than last season and can be left alone. With the Addition of Goldson at saftey there is no need to draft Vaccaro and if Barber returns he makes for a 3rd Saftey. So with the 13th pick I feel the Bucs should draft Tavon Austin. In most mock drafts he seems to be going around then or later and it didn't make sense to me earlier but after watching some highlights of him in college as a kick returner and slot receiver, this kid is flat out filthy! Check it --> .

He is electric, has unreal speed and elusivness, can make tacklers look silly and on top of all that, He can return kicks and be a slot receiver. Like I said, I didn't understand this earlier but now I fully think and want the Bucs to draft this kid. He adds an instant weapon for Freeman and the offense and will probally help save his job but he also adds to the Buccs return team that was awful last year that had no TDs. Also Schiano is very familiar with the kid out of West Virginia as you can see in the youtube link I posted, at around 2 minutes he takes a simple end around to the house against Rutgers 2 seasons ago when he was the coach, so he knows what Austin is capable of and if last years draft says anything, Schiano likes West Virginia players (Goode, Tandy). Finally, This kid is just outright explosive and will bring even more excitement to the Bucs offense and draw fans! Plus at 13 this kid has the potential to be a steal. He's tough and can take hits so size can be a non issue and his speed shows he can burn went from making me scratch my head to a no brainer.

3. Trade up for Te'o. The Bucs have a need to add a LB and instead of looking to keep Foster at MLB (whos been thought to be a better Strong Side LB) should look to move him to SLB and draft a potential franchise MLB. Enter Manti Te'o. Before all this girlfriend/gay/4.82-40 drama, he was considered a top 10 pick. Before the Alabama game, Te'o had missed just 3 tackles all year! Not average a game, ALL SEASON!!!! Schiano is looking for tough tacklers so he instantly fits this resume and not only that, he's being compared to Brian Urlacher and Patrick Willis to be the one to take the torch as the next dominant MLB in the NFL. Everyone is worried about his combine and his recent girlfriend hoax and if the fact he might be gay but put all that aside and look at his game tape from this season, he's clearly a true football player that brings it. His draft stock has fallen a alot and some mocks have him going in the late 20s to even the second round! I feel if he falls to the 20's they have to move up for him by trading their 2nd and one of their 4th round picks. It would give the Bucs one of the best LB units in the NFL for the next few years to come. Another thing about Te'o is that he had 7 interceptions and can be decent in coverage. He had over 100 tackles in 3 straight seasons with Notre Dame and started 47 straight games so he's a tough player and can he an iron man. He won 12 awards this season alone and was a runner up for the Heisman. To me it's a smart move cause it will also draw fans as he's one of the biggest things in football right now. So not only would he solve a need for a franchise MLB for the Bucs but he will help attendance issues!

4. Tebow time? Schiano said that he wants to make sure that their is competition at every position and that he wanted to push Freeman. Hello Tim Tebow. Tebow is a straight up winner and even though he may not be a good QB skill wise, he leaves it all on the feild and defies the odds everytime he plays. He also is one of the biggest names in football and was a back QB in New York. He would bring in fans and doesn't even need to start! The main thing is that he would have an effect in Tampa since he was a Gator in college and would help bring some more fans to the sickest stadium in the NFL.

Alright 4 was kind of a joke but also in a few ways makes sense. I was mainly just kidding about it but wouldn't be upset if the Bucs made that move.

While most people will look at this and think it's silly and doesn't make much sense, Think about it the team needs to draw fans and what better ways than through Revis, Austin and Te'o. Id be willing to bet that they would not only become a more dominant team that could make a playoff appearance but would also end the awful drought of blacked out games for the Bucs!

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