Enough of all this Revis talk...Draft

The longer this Revis thing goes the more scared i get about this years drat picks. I will be more than hot headed if

Dom trades away this years first round pick! With that said these are my draft ideas/mock draft.

praying that we keep our first round pick this is where i stand: Tavon Austin WR West Virginia- I Picked Austin forthese reasons; he fills 3 needs in one player the most obvious of the three is slot WR he gives freeman a great speedster to through down the middle too. he ran 4.34 on his 40 yard dash witch also helps with his second position for us KR/PR. in the entire history we have never really had a good/great KR/PR. (but BucFan85 we had Spurlock -.- he was mediocre at best yes he returned our first kickoff for a touchdown that is really awesome but he did very little after that.) Finally he can be a change of pace RB he wont be able to take the hits like Martin but he this kid sure can fly. i see him in the Wildcat too.

but like most players in the NFL he does have some faults he stands at 5"8...hes short no matter how you slice it or what position you want him to play and he weighs in at around 175lbs. with a combo of short and lightweight he is a double sided sword with how small and lightweight he is fast and very elusive but big physical corners or safeties that can stay pressed on him pretty much shut him down

Regardless if we get Revis or not as long as we still have our second It will be a CB the great thing about this years draft is there is alot of good talent not great..good and the second round is full of a few CB i wouldnt mind but i have my mind set on one guy who will probably win out for the second : Logan Ryan CB Rutgers- I think Logan ryan will beat Trufant for 2 reasons 1.hes from rutgers 2. i feel most of us feel he is a better fit here (and probably a better CB)

Round 3 is really a pickle for me it could be ILB, DE, DT or another CB im going to make a poll for this one at the bottom of the page.

Round Four double picks yeah!!! one of these picks will probably be CB even if we get one in the 3rd round I havent decided if it should be the early or the late one but I have a not so popular idea on who it should be. Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu this guy man I dont know what it is about him but ive always liked him. i was almost positive he was going to win the Heisman (Claiborne did help him look good but come on guys give him credit where credit is do) and yes hes small 5"9 180lbs but he got the name Honey Badger for being small and still shutting out the big recievers..yes he get burnt sometimes and Claiborne was obviosly better but he didnt have an amazing rookie year and i feel TM will transfer to the NFL more fluidly. the othere 4th round pick will probably be what left over that wasnt picked in the 3rd round

round 5-7 Depth. Depth. and More Depth and maybe a better freaking backup than mother freaking Dan Orvlaosky

This is obviously set in mind that we dont get Revis this year or by some magic dont have to give any of this years picks for him (never going to happen) and also no trades up or down in the draft (also very unlikely if you look at the past few year and are double 4 and 6. Anyway thats my 2 cents dont konow if it means much but yeah. (also sorry for the bad punctuation and maybe grammar im just bad at it lol)

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