Buccaneers cap space, free agency needs, Josh Freeman: Daily Bucs Links


Commish: Buccaneers Being Very Quiet With Many Needs Left " CBS Tampa
Well, mostly just cornerback.

NFC South cap space update - NFC South Blog - ESPN

If he returns to Bucs, Ronde Barber would still have big role | Tampa Bay Times
Slot cornerback.

V-Jax: Get Revis | Home Of The Buccaneers - 620 WDAE - Tampa Bay's Sports Radio
Everyone else: you really have to get Revis now, guys.

Introducing Dashon and Offseason Training | Eric Wright . NFL Cornerback . www.EricWright21.com
Wright's saying, or at least writing, all the right things.

Pro days losing pre-draft relevance, but they still serve a purpose - NFL.com
Eh, don't really care.

2013 NFL Draft Prospects: Xavier Rhodes vs. Desmond Trufant - The Phinsider
Give me Rhodes any day.

Ronde Barber: Josh Freeman is playing for his job - NFL.com
He's in the last year of his contract. Of course he's playing for his job.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Q&A: What's the plan with CBs? | TBO.com
Cut 'em all before training camp and see how a no-cornerback team works.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Q&A: Serious about Revis? | TBO.com
Nah, they're just teasing you.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Q&A: Blount to FB? | TBO.com
This is a hilariously stupid suggestion. Blount doesn't even consistently run with power, how are you going to ask him to be a lead blocker?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Q&A: What about marquee DEs? | TBO.com
The Bucs think they'll be fine with Clayborn and Bowers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Q&A: Bucs going after Porter? | TBO.com
Not nearly physical enough.

2013 NFL Draft: Chance Warmack could make history - SBNation.com

Anthony Adams announces his retirement at White Castle - SBNation.com
That's hilarious.

Raiders reached stalemate with Carson Palmer? - Silver And Black Pride
Still a pretty decent quarterback.

Sebastian Vollmer contract: Patriots bring back RT on 4-year, $27 million deal - SBNation.com

Cosell’s Take: Geno Smith is still a work in progress | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Oof, that Clemson video is not pretty at all.

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