Giving up the farm? Would it really be that bad?

I have used this example quite a few but I wanted to go more in depth on how a trade that happened in 2011 could be similar to the trade we could pull off for Revis. People say that we shouldn't jeopardize our future and we shouldn't sell the farm for Revis.

So in the 2011 draft the Falcons coming off a 13-3 season trade their 1st- (27th overall), second- (59th) and fourth-round (124th) picks this year and their first- and fourth-round picks in 2012 to Cleveland for their 1st round pick (6th overall). Now lets review overall the players that were eventually drafted in result of this trade.

  • Falcons get Julio Jones. 2011 950 yards receiving and 1150 yards in 2012 and voted to the pro bowl. Falcons also go 10-6 in 2011 and 13-3 in 2012 and make the playoffs each year.
  • Browns get Phil Taylor 2011 1st round pick, 2011 2nd round pick, Greg Little; and 4th round pick, Owen Marecic. 2012 Browns select Brandon Weeden 1st round, and use their 4th round pick to include in their trade to move up to get Trent Richardson. Browns go 4-12 in 2011 and 5-11 in 2012.
Now you can review this trade and say hey the Browns got a lot of picks back and the Falcons GAVE UP THE FARM TO GET JULIO JONES!! There is no way that the Browns don't improve with all of those picks they got if not immediately but long term at least the Falcons would at least struggle because they gave away their "future for 1 player right? Well that remains to be seen so far as the Browns still are drafting early and the Falcons haven't had time to have regret on trading up for Julio Jones yet. Now it is too early to see how the Browns picks will pan out. I think Phil Taylor is solid and can be somebody in the future. Of course its great to have that extra pick to help trade up for Richardson as well. Greg Little showed flashes in his rookie season. Maybe he can develop into something. The FB Marecic maybe something but for a 4th round pick that was used on him? I dont think so. Oh and Brandon Weeden? LMFAO. So in hindsight who actually made out in this trade? I say the Falcons. And I think the Browns would have been much better with Julio Jones and the falcons may have not been as good sticking with the draft picks they originally had.

Now how does this compare to the potential Revis trade? Well one thing for sure is that we would be giving up about the same amount of first round picks right? Whether its this years or next years and a 2nd round for next year as well we still dont know at this time. The Falcons also gave up a 2nd and a fourth that year, and their fourth in 2012. At the end of the day they gave up a whole lot more than we would give up for Revis. Both Revis and Jones are elite players right? There was some uncertainty of how good Jones would actually be before the trade right? Just like there is an uncertainty of how well Revis would be coming back from his ACL injury right?
Now the Julio Jones trade was a rare time where a blockbuster trade worked. And im sure there are others. Just like there are plenty of ones that didnt work. All I'm saying is just because we trade our 1st round pick for a player doesnt mean we are "selling the farm" nor does it mean that the trade we make wont be for the good short and long term for us.

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