Be patient and lets not forget what we have and what our options are!

I am in my optimistic mode and I believe that the Revis deal will get happy. And when it does we will all as fans be eventually happy. Some later than others. Some will make every excuse of in the book on why this deal shouldn't go down. He wont be the same after the injury, he will want too much, don't want to give up the draft picks and sell the farm for our future, he's selfish and will be a bad team player and hold out every year. We wont be able to afford to resign Freeman and Mike Williams in 2013 and McCoy in 2014. Revis cant cover both sides o the field. All a bunch of malarkey in my opinion. Then lets get to how we haven't picked up any CB's in FA. So alot of people are in a panic and want to grab everybody in sight that's available. I bet you if Elbert Mack was on the market some of you would be wanting us to sign him too. I mean seriously some of these guys available weren't even better than Biggers or Wright honestly. Nor would they be better than any of the rookies we could STILL potentially draft this year. But lets look at our options shall we:

  • Revis deal is still on the table

If you haven't realized it or not we have the leverage. If we back out of the talks the Jets will be stuck with Revis and he will walk next year and they will get NOTHING. I understand everyone would like it to be over and done with so we can finally be assured that our secondary will be great. But be patient. It will get done eventually. If not we just have to go with two rookie CB's starting or we will have to keep Eric Wright and start 1 rookie CB. It may seem bad at first but even still its a great improvement from last year.

How soon we forget. I liked the signing and he will improve our defense alot then some realize. His presence will help our CB's current and future. He will help Barron alot as well who by the way will get better with experience because ROOKIES TEND TO STRUGGLE IN THE SECONDARY.

  • Barber could still come back for depth

I wasn't the biggest fan of Barber playing FS last year. But due to the circumstances he did ok. But he is best suited as a nickle CB. He could come back and still play very well and would be tempted to come back with the new weapons we have/will have.

  • We still have Eric Wright

Wright has gotten alot of flack last year. He was overpaid. He wasn't good. He got suspended and was injured and the Bucs could potentially cut him. He could stay if he takes a pay cut. I was under the impression he would be cut. I was also under the impression that Talib or Winslow wouldn't be traded either. So who knows anymore. But if you really look at Wright's season he didn't play bad. He was solid overall when he was on the field. If you want to talk stopgap this would be one. We can keep him for one more season and either cut him or try and trade him later. I'm not sure on the ramifications on if we keep him as far as can we cut him in 2014. (Someone give me some info on that please.)

What gives? I don't understand the Grimes thing. If he was healthy it would make sense. But after 2 season ending injuries people still want him? Me personally I wouldn't be mad if we got him but my expectations of him wouldn't be much and I wouldn't be surprised if he struggled. But whats the real difference between him and Leonard Johnson. Leo was thrown into the fire and responded well. Yes he had his ups and downs like any ROOKIE CB would have especially an undrafted FA rookie would. But overall he did well and I believe he will get better. He is just as physical as Grimes (if not more) hes the same height (5'10) hes 15 pounds heavier (202), hes 8 years younger (22) and he just like other rookies with experience he can and will get better. So if Wright is cut and if need be Leonard Johnson could play and develop into a solid number 2. He is at least a good nickle back. So regardless if we do or don't get Revis there is a option at number 2.

  • 2013 NFL Draft

I'll keep this simple. I think we will double up at CB in this years draft. One of them will be or could be pushing for a starting spot and one will be for depth. Here are the most realistic options that I feel will be good options with or without Revis:

  • David Amerson
  • Jordan Poyer
  • Logan Ryan (most likely)
  • Desmond Trufant
  • Darius Slay
  • Terry Hawthorne
  • Prentiss Waggner (I'm still pulling for this guy)
  • Sanders Commings

Overall my point is that we shouldn't panic. We will be okay. We were ranked last in pass defense last year. Worst case scenario, if we get 2 solid rookies in the draft at CB and 1 will definitely be a starter. Add that along with us having Johnson, Gaitor, Wright and the others at CB and Barron and Goldson we would be much improved even if Barber doesn't come back and we don't get Revis. With that secondary we would be no less then the mid 20's in ranking. Which should help ALOT!

So if we get Revis that is a bonus and that will be one less draft pick used on a CB and our pass defense goes at least into the top 15. So again just step back, breath, review the options, and wait until the draft and see what our roster looks like after that. Then if you don't like what you see then you can panic. But its way too early right now.

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