The Revis deal will happen. We just need to wait...

The 2013 Free Agency Period opened and the Bucs were once again very much in the fray. We handed two time Pro-Bowl Safety Dashon Goldson a deal in exchange for his services in what was seen as the first step to fixing the Buccaneers' absolutely putrid secondary. Meanwhile, the Darelle Revis trade rumours began to resurface (after just mere banter in the early playoffs), with some reports even concluding that the trade would have gotten done before the Dashon Goldson signing. Since then, Goldson has long signed his fat contract, sat beside Schiano and Dom in a press conference and purchased some fine Floridian Real Estate [citation needed]. We have also seen every other suitor for Revis disappear faster than Manti Teo's girlfriend and all other serviceable starting CB's on the market get snapped up by other teams. Two weeks have passed, and it does not seem a trade is any closer today than it was when Free Agency opened.

Both sides seem stuck on their demands. The Jets want the Bucs' 2013 first round pick and further compensation and Bucs' GM Mark Dominik seems to be holding onto that pick for dear life. Both sides since then have resorted to smack talking in the media in the hope that the other caves. Here on BucsNation, the fanbase seems enraged that Revis is not here yet and no other Cornerbacks have been signed. Well I say, no fear, Revis will be a Buccaneer, it will only be a matter of time, and here's why:

The Jets need to trade Darelle Revis this offseason so that they can fully begin their rebuilding process.

Revis will be a Free Agent come 2014. From all indications, he will not resign with the Jets, nor can they franchise tag him. This means that if they keep Revis on for 2013, he will have most likely wasted away on a terrible team and then walked, with zero compensation. It is clear that the New York Jets are ready to compete... for next year's first overall pick. In all likelihood, the Jets will be absolutely awful next season, not even unleashing TIm Tebow could save that trainwreck. However, alot of teams could give them a run for their money, the Raiders have no serviceable players aside from Carson Palmer (and that in and of itself is saying alot), the big spending Browns could crash and burn hard like they have been doing for the past decade. The Chiefs will try to find success with Alex Smith (who was able to trick people into thinking he was a good Quarterback thanks to Jim Harbaugh and the spectacular 49ers Defence the past two years) and a washed up Andy Reid. The Jacksonville Jaguars are at least 3 seasons away from being any semblance of good. The Jets simply can't afford to have a player of Revis' calibre on their squad, with absolutely no-one around him. The Jets are already in locker room hell, and we could quickly see Revis pouring salt and vinegar down that wound if he has to stay on during the 2013 season.

A longer waiting period means that we will be better able to see how Revis' knee has rehabbed.

Another major reason why we should wait is because it allows us to see how Revis's knee is coming along. Revis of course went on IR in week 2 of this season for a torn ACL. Now I know, great players will find a way to be great no matter what, but for every Adrian Peterson there is a Deuce McAllister or Cadillac Williams, not every player is the same after such a massive injury. More time allows the Bucs to get a good look at Revis' rehab progression.

Neither side has any deadline to work with, the offseason just technically began only two weeks ago.

There is no sense of urgency from either side to get a deal done today, tommorow or even next week. Just because we, the fans, feel a sense of urgency and need, doesn't necessarily mean that those making the decisions are. They know that they can bide their time, building their strenghts, plotting the next move, with no pressure. The real trade deadline isn't until mid November, and the first real deadline would be the draft (after that our 13th overall pick comes off the table permanently, because by then it would have become Xavier Rhodes).

Each day we get closer and closer to the draft will bring the Jets closer and closer to the reality that we are not giving up the 13th pick.

Again, this just comes with waiting patiently. Idzik has to come to his senses soon, just give the man some time. Again, each passing second tilts the boat in our favour, as the 13th overall selection begins to fade in his eyes, again, both sides have to get this deal done, no matter how much they want to pretend they don't

The Bucs are the only suitors for Revis

Let's see here.. You have a player that you need to unload from your rebuilding roster so he doesn't poison your pool of youth? And what's that? That there's only one team interested in trading for him? And they think they actually have real leverage...

Thus, Bucsfans, all we have to do is wait. It's only March 20th, we have another 5 months till camp opens, which is more than enough time for us to send Rex Ryan some female Nike shoe models to tilt this trade in our favour. All joking aside though, the Jets have to realize that the only logical thing is for them to flip Revis now, while they can still get feasible compensation for him, because come next year he will be walking out the door for free.

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