Remaining Free Agents and Other Free Agency Gibberish

I would like to start off this post by expressing my opinion of this free agency period as of right now (day 5) by giving my rank on the signings the Bucs have made.

Dashon Goldson: The man got paid. I still like the signing and am excited for the next 4 seasons of WR's and TE's fearing catching a pass over the middle with Barron and Goldson back there to destroy them. B-

Kevin Ogletree: All I ever heard when people spoke of him over the past few years was his massive potential. Last season he had a breakout game and then made a small amount of plays after that. I like the signing though. I think he is a serviceable 3rd WR who still has room to grow. B

Jonathon Casillas: The replacement for Quincy Black, getting 3 million over 1 year with no guarantees. So basically if the Bucs don't like what they see they can just cut him. C+

Tom Crabtree: Big Tom Crabtree fan right here. Curious to see how much it was for. If its under 3 million a year then I think its a good signing. B+

Now for the reason you clicked on this post, players that are still available. After four days of free agency, the market still has many solid players to offer. There are a good amount of cut players and seasoned players that would be serviceable. There are also some players still in their prime and some players that still have room to improve. I am using's free agency tracker and I am sorting by position. I specify the search by experience and work my way down the list from there. Its also where I get age from so don't hate if they will be a year older come regular season.

Running Backs: Javon Ringer (26), LaRod Stephens Howling (25), Felix Jones (25), Ahmad Bradshaw (26), FB Greg Jones (31), and Michael Turner (31).

Wide Reciever: KR/PR Brandon Banks (25), Julian Edelman (26), Darrius Heyward-Bey (26), Early Doucet (27), and Domenik Hixon (28).

Tight End: Cameron Morrah (25), Brandon Myers (27), Fred Davis (27), Kellen Davis (27), and Kevin Boss (29).

Offensive Line: T Eben Britton (25), G Lance Louis (27), G Matt Slauson (27), T Andre Smith (26), T Sebastian Vollmer (28), T Jake Long (27), G Kevin Boothe (28), T Eric Winston (29), and G Brandon Moore (32).

Defensive Line: DE Lawrence Jackson (27), DT/NT Alan Branch (28), DE Elvis Dumervil (29), DT Corey Williams (32), DE Osi Umenyiora (31), DE Dwight Freeney (33), and DE John Abraham (34). Some more DT's Richard Seymour(33), Sedrick Ellis (27), Amobi Okoye (25), Dwan Edwards (31), and Sen'Derrick Marks (26).

Linebacker: Frank Zombo (26), Victor Butler (25), Larry Grant (28), Gerald McRath (26), Dan Connor (27), Gary Guyton (27), James Anderson (29), and Carlos Dansby (31).

Cornerback: E.J. Biggers (25), Jacob Lacey (25), D.J. Moore (25), Captain Munnerlynn (24), Brent Grimes (29), Mike Jenkins (27), Tracy Porter (26), Aqib Talib (27), Adam "Pacman" Jones (29), Chris Carr (29), Kelvin Hayden (29), Stanford Routt (29), DeAngello Hall (29), Nnamdi Asomugha (31), Rashean Mathis (32), Sheldon Brown (33), and Antoine Winfield (35).

Don't interpret this as my list of desired free agents. I'm just simply throwing out some of the more popular and skilled players that are still available in my opinion. If I had my way right now with the Bucs cap I would throw money at the following.

CB Tracy Porter, CB E.J. Biggers, and CB Brent Grimes, as well as trade for Darrelle Revis. I'm not saying sign all these guys, but getting two of these guys and Revis or all three of them and no Revis would give the Bucs a serviceable pass defense.

LB Larry Grant, LB Dan Connor, or LB Carlos Dansby. Grant is a good special teams player that got stuck behind Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman, Dan Connor is a good LB and Carlos Dansby's release is a travesty. We would have to cut Casillas first though.

DE Elvis Dumervil, DE Dwight Freeney, NT Alan Branch, and DE Lawrence Jackson. Dumervil is a no brainer. Freeney is a great 4-3 DE who has lost a bit of a step but still can get to the QB. Branch would be our NT and a rotational guy. Jackson provides depth and decent pass rushing.

OT Sebastion Vollmer and OT Eben Britton. Throw Penn to RT and give Vollmer the LT duties. Sign me up. Britton had a bad season at a terrible time. A former starter and 2nd round pick, he could provide tackle depth at a cheap price.

TE Brandon Myers. This guy was a reliable catcher and blocker last season for the Raiders. He had a better season both then Keller and Bennett but still manages to be unknown. But now that we have MVP Tom Crabtree this is unlikely.

WR/KR/PR Brandon Banks and/or Julian Edelman, WR Darrius Heyward-Bey. Special teams needs a upgrade and Banks would be a cheap solution. Edelman can provide depth at WR and play special teams. Heyward-Bey is fast. That's pretty much his only good quality. I doubt any big WR names will be brought in with Ogletree signing.

RB Javon Ringer, RB Michael Turner, RB LaRod Stephens Howling, and FB Greg Jones. Ringer and Turner are complimentary bruisers while Stephens-Howling is a scat back that can handle returns. Jones is a good blocking FB and would be a upgrade over Lorig in the short term but he probably resigns with the Jags.

So, if I had my way I would trade for Revis and sign Porter, Biggers, Banks, Ringer, and Vollmer. Revis will probably get 13 million, Porter 3 million, Biggers 1 million, Banks peanuts, Ringer 1 million, and Vollmer 7 million. This would be around 25 million but contracts can be back loaded or have incentives. As much as I want the Bucs to make a play at Elvis Dumervil, I believe he is expensive and has already hit his prime. Would love to have him just hope its for a Cliff Avril like contract (7.5 million).

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