My ideal draft now that free agency has started

This is my first fan post so let me know what you think. I have been a life long Bucs fan and attended all but 2 of the home games this year.

Now that free agency has started we can better guess who Dom may draft. The acquisitions of Goldson and most likely Revis will help the secondary immensely. Thanks to the mistake of letting Michael Bennett walk in free agency we now have a problem of quality depth on the d-line. Teo'Nesheim is a decent backup, but is not starter material and our pass rush suffered this year when he was in. Moving on to the draft; I think we need to go with bpa that fits our team with our first pick.

Round 1 (Star Lotulelei ,Tavon Austin, or Tyler Eifert)

Assuming that Star's heart problems don't cause too much concern I think he falls to us at pick 13. He would be the perfect pick for the defense he is solid against the run and can help free up GMC to reek havok on opposing Qbs. If he isn't there at 13 I think we should trade back and get Eifert or Tavon Austin to help Freeman get that last missing piece to the offense.

Round 2 (Logan Ryan)

With the second pick I think we should address our most needed position of conerback. Besides Milliner the other cornerbacks projected to go in the first would be a reach at 13 and there will be plenty left in the 2nd round. I think we should go with Logan Ryan from Rutgers. Schaino is familiar with him and he is a physical corner and looked good in the game I saw him play against USF this year.

Round 3 (Travis Kelce)

I am going by the Revis trade compensations agreed upon by sander and the jets blog today, so we will have lost our third round pick. One scenario would be that if we trade back in the first we pick up another teams 3rd rounder. Kelce could be one of those sleeper picks that could end up doing really well next year especially if he is surrounded by the offensive weapons that the bucs have.

Round 4 (Le'Von Bell and Jon Bostic)

Two good players that would add depth to the team.

Round 5 (DE)

We are in need of more depth at defensive end and the 5th round could be a good time to do it.

Round 6 and 7

Players to develop and special team players.

That would be my ideal draft, it solves our secondary corner back problem and gets player who could be developed into starters. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Go Bucs!

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