Small Names Big Market

These are some of the smaller named guys set to hit the market that aren't getting too much hype that could be relatively cheap. Most of the players are also relatively young as well. Everyone is expecting the Bucs to only sign big named guys, but these are some players I believe have good value for low prices that could still provide good play. I'm going to list mostly unrestricted free agents but also some restricted free agents that I like.

Running Back:

Javon Ringer- A young, unheard of running back that has played well over his whole career behind CJ2K. Averages 4.0 yards per carry on 120 carries. Ringer got hurt in week 2 of last season so his name isn't thrown out there very much.

Beanie Wells- Released earlier today, Wells has been mediocre in his first 4 seasons in the time that he didn't spend hurt. He isn't made for a starting bell cow job, but could serve as a good backup.

Jonathon Dwyer- Restricted Free Agent. He got a 6th round tender today. I would give a 6th round pick for a good, young, powerful, running back. He would get 1.3 million dollars for his contract.

Wide Receiver:

Julian Edelman- His name has been thrown around lately on here. A younger, cheaper Wes Welker with just as much explosiveness on special teams if you ask me. At 26, he would be inexpensive and could play slot WR and returner for years to come.

Brandon Gibson- It may just be my Washington State University pride, but Gibson is a young and talented WR that could thrive in a smaller role such as slot WR. He is 25.

Danario Alexander- Restricted Free Agent. He has received an original round tender, but I could care less. His talent and youth (24) is worth a draft pick. The only risk is his injury history, which is the reason he was signed mid season to the Chargers.

Brandon Banks- Restricted Free Agent. He wont be tendered by the Redskins according to earlier reports, which makes sense because he is basically a KR/PR specialist. The 25 year old would be very cheap and can provide explosiveness to the return game. He has over 2500 kick return yards and about 1000 punt return yards in 3 seasons.

Tight End:

Cameron Morrah- Here is guy that little people know about. Morrah has been buried by all of Seattle's free agent TE signings. He is very quick and has good hands, but some injury concerns as he spent all of last season on either the PUP list or IR with turf toe. He is WR with a big body and good strength, but cant block all that well. He is 25.

Brandon Myers- Why guys like Martellus Bennett and Dustin Keller get more attention then Myers blows my mind. Statistically, Myers had a better season than both of the two listed above in his first season as the #1 TE. He is slightly older at 27 years old, but he is a more complete TE then most other free agents.

Dennis Pitta- Restricted Free Agent. Would you rather draft a unproven TE in the 2nd round or give the 2nd round pick and an extra 1 million dollars for a stellar TE? Hello Dennis Pitta.

Defensive End:

Matt Shaughnessy- When he isn't injured, the 26 year old is a key part to the Raiders defensive line. That's the problem, he is constantly injured. Despite the injuries, he has collected a fair amount of sacks in a limited amount of time and would be relatively cheap to sign.

Lawrence Jackson- The 27 year old former 1st round pick has failed to break the starting line up. Just when Cliff Avril became a free agent, he did as well. Now he is likely to hit the market and he could provide quality pass rushing and rotational play at DE.

Defensive Tackle:

Sammie Lee Hill- The DT has been overshadowed by Suh and now Fairley for his whole career. He would be cheap, a good rotational player, and at 26, could still have room for improvement.

Ricky Jean Francois- Francois played NT for the 49ers 3-4, but he could come and play DT for the Bucs. He was a rotational guy for the 49ers with good experience. He is 26 years old.

Corner Back:

Jacob Lacey- The 25 year old corner is suited for a slot corner roll more than an outside role. He has a lot of starts to his name and will be cheap. He could be a good addition to a poor backfield.

DJ Moore- Small and not incredibly quick, the 25 year old does not possess #1 or #2 corner talent. What he does have is ball skills. In a limited role, Moore has managed 10 interceptions in 4 seasons.

Jerraud Powers- Powers is a talented corner that has been in a starting role for most of his career, so he would bring experience. He is very talented, but has underachieved for most of his career. He wont break the bank and is still young at 25.

Kyle Arrington- People forget that Arrington was one of the top corners in the NFL 2 years ago. He was leading the league in interceptions. He is still young at 26 and will come cheap.


Louis Delmas- He has yet to live up to his high draft stock. He is also often injured. Despite that, he still has great talent and could be the center fielder the Bucs need. He isn't going to break the bank like Goldson or Quin will.

Stevie Brown- Restricted Free Agent. He received a 2nd round tender, but he has shown his ability to play a center field position with his stats from last season. He had 8 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 recovered fumbles (separate games). He is only 25 years old and could be a good partner to Mark Barron. He was the main reason behind the release of Kenny Philips.

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