SpeterVision Vol. 1 (FA & Draft)


This is my first mock of the year, first overall on Bucs Nation. Questions, comments, etc. are welcome. I'm relatively inexpreienced with this stuff anyway. But here's how I see things...

Free Agency


-Michael Bennett should be at least attempted to be retained, but not if it means breaking the bank. I'd love to keep him around, but I'm leaving his status as open-ended.

-Ronde Barber's status should be up to him. If he wants tto return, then welcome back. I think he has at least one more quality year and he'd be invaluable as a mentor to incoming players, even if just leading by example.

-EJ Biggers is good for depth. Bring him back.

-Roy Miller should come back. He is a good starter, or a really good backup, depending on who else is brought in. Either way, Schiano loves him for the position.

-RFA LeGarrette Blount should be tendered, if for no reason else, because there aren't many better options. He's still a quality player, and still cheap, at that.

-RFA Daniel Te'o-Nesheim is, I believe, confirmed to be in line for a tender as well. Good depth.

-Restructure Eric Wright's contract. The team has nothing but leverage here.


I'm only including players who I think have a pretty good chance of hitting the market. There could be more that I left out and didn't really think about, too.

-CB Keenan Lewis

-TE Dustin Keller

-If Amendola, Hartline, or Edelman becomes available, I say go for it. I just don't see them being allowed to walk.

-Restructuring Wright is sort of like grabbing another FA CB, imo. It's not like he was available to play much anyway.


As much as I enjoy coming up with trade scenarios, I left them out here.

-1- DE Ziggy Ansah, BYU-- I was originally against a DE in the first, but there can never be too many quality bodies. Plus, Ansah's raw talent is very intriguing.

-2- CB Logan Ryan, Rutgers-- Do I need to say anything?

-3- CB Terry Hawthorne, Illinois-- Pretty impressive skillset. He seems like a very willing tackler also.

-4- ILB Jon Bostic, UF-- He could be interesting to throw into the LB mix. His recognition really impresses me. He wouldn't have to come in and start, but putting Foster at SLB is far from a terrifying prospect.

-4- FS DJ Swearinger, South Carolina-- Some may want more of a ballhawk. I just see a baller.

-5- TE Michael Williams, Alabama-- Excellent blocking, intriguing recieving capabilities.

-6- DL Joe Vellano, Maryland--A bit of a tweener now, but has a great motor and work ethic. He's a kind of guy you could take a chance on.

-7- WR Keenan Davis, Iowa--Possession receiver. His skills inside the numbers have been highly touted.

No RT or C in this, mostly because I haven't really evaluated anybody there. And either way, it would be as FA.

Additional commentary will be in replies. Thanks for reading!

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