TE or slot WR?

I think the title says it all we have two great WR's but lack a reliable third option. Since we don't have much invested currently in either the third WR or the TE position I was wondering which you feel would be more important in our new offensive scheme. I will break down my opinion of each below.


PROS-This would be my choice of the two. A good TE can be used both on running downs and passing downs. He can challenge the middle of the field and give Josh a safety value underneath. The TE's best value for us is with play action game. Out of a standard running formation 2 WR 1 TE 1 FB 1 RB with an elite TE becomes way more dangerous than just Jackson and Williams streaking down the sidelines.TE's even elite one make significantly less than WR's and even franchise tags are some of the lowest in the NFL.

CONS-The biggest negative is that elite TE are really hard to find and most people whiff on the do-it-all TE settling for a pass-catching TE and blocking TE. The problem there is the same as having Blount on the field everyone knows we are going to run. Even with an good do-it-all TE Slot WR will always be faster and more explosive.

Slot WR-

PROS-The Slot WR will always be the faster and more elusive of the two options. A slot WR will also open up the middle of the field with a much higher chance of explosive plays. A slot WR can make short dump offs go the distance and have a much better chance of making the first man miss.

CONS-The negative here is that they are not on the field or if they are not as effective as the bigger TE on running plays. Needless to say play action passes are not very effective in a 3-wr set but the draw play can work if you got he other way. Slot WR are still WR and can cost as much as a number 1's Welker if franchised will cost 10 Million next year.

I don't really have a hard set opinion either way so I'd really like to hear other people ideas as to which one we should go after. I know some will say both but I'm more interested in what people would prefer as a base and how valuable they think each are to what we are trying to do on offense.

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