2013 FA and Draft

Free agency could be nice for Buccaneer fans, just like it was last year. With Bennett, Barber and Miller probably gone, the Bucs should sign and draft solid replacements. Here is who they should target.

Michael Johnson, DE, Bengals. Probably a expensive player, but only 26 years old and coming of a very solid season. 11.5 sacks, 53 tackles and an interception added to his resume. This starting caliber defensive end would cost the Bucs 7 million dollar a year.

Terrance Knighton, DT, Jaguars. Not as expensive as Johnson, would be an upgrade over Miller. 32 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles past season. Think he should be paid 3 to 4 million dollar a year.

Sean Smith, CB, Dolphins. Obvious pick. Young, talented, the right scheme and has many years left in the tank to serve as a #1 corner for the Bucs. 59 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions and 12 pass break-ups. The stats don't back him up as a legit #1 corner, but he is. Doesn't come cheap, probably 8 million dollar a year.

Matt Moore, QB, Dolphins. As far as Schiano speaks the truth, he wants to add some competition to push Josh Freeman. I think Moore is the best option on the market right now for the right price. Played one game past season against the Jets, managed the game and won. Threw 1 TD. Should be paid 2 to 3 million dollar a year.

In this draft i did not trade up, because that's way too hard to predict. If we can come up with this draft, i'll be fingerlicking the whole offseason. Despite the players we target in free agency, these players would all make an impact on this team. Like it or not?

1 Xavier Rhodes CB

2 Jordan Poyer CB

3 DJ Swearinger SS

4 Corey Lemonier DE

4 Jon Bostic ILB

5 Marcus Lattimore RB

6 Levine Toilolo TE

7 Mark Harrison WR

Go secondary with the first three picks. Wether you can get one #1 corner in free agency or not, your secondary looks like this -> Rhodes Swearinger Barron Poyer. Not optimal, but stacked with talent for years to come without overpaying for some free agent cornerback.

Swearinger is a hard hitting beast that would pair up great with Barron, who can excel in pass coverage if DJ takes of the heat. Poyer had a nice combine, good speed and good coverage skills for a #2 or nickel corner. 1st round pick Xavier Rhodes, despite he has an injury prone knee, would be a solid pick-up. Instant starter, immediate impact and would crush opposing receivers on the line.

Corey Lemonier is a really nice addition to the Bucs d-line. Had a great combine and has nice value for this round. With Johnson added via free agency, Bowers and Clayborn you could speak of a very talented defensive end corps.

Jon Bostic put a good time on the boards for a OLB. He also can play that, so we do the trick we did with Mason Foster and change his position. With Bostic Foster David you have a really talented linebacker corps who also bring in good quality.

Must i explain the Lattimore pick? Re-sign Blount or sign a change of pace back in free agency for a one-year contract and let Lattimore heal with patience. In 2014 you then have Martin and Lattimore, talking about some real trouble for opposing linemen!

Levine Toilolo in my opinion is a great kid. With 6'8 a good target for the overthrowing Josh Freeman. Not a great blocker, but pair him with Stocker or a free agent blocking TE and you have nice value for this round.

Last but not least. A big target for Josh from Rutgers. 6'3 WR Harrison put up a 4.46 at the combine and Schiano knows the kid. Could be the slot receiver for years to come or nice depth.

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