Give me $42 million (Updated Mock Offseason)

So, Eric Wright and Quincy Black are likely to be released. Thus giving Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano about $42 million to do whatever they want with this offseason. Here is what I would do...

In house resigning:

Michael Bennett- Leading sacker and run stopper for the Bucs. He deserves a good contract because he is talented and has room to get even better. $8 million

Ronde Barber- He may be old, but he is not a liability like he is being labeled. He is still possesses enough talent and capability to play another year at FS. And with every 1 year contract he has gotten a million dollars cheaper so he wont be to expensive. $2 million

Roy Miller- The Bucs should retain him. He was effective in the running game and made a impact on defense. Plus he isn't going to be expensive. $2 million

Legarrette Blount- Put a original round tender on him. He is a quality back up running back with upside and presents possible trade bait or maybe a team is interested enough to give us a draft pick. Original Round Tender: Around $1.5 million

Daniel Te'ONeshiem- A good fill in for Clayborn after his injury. The Bucs should retain his services as a rotational player and pass rusher. Try to sign him to a 3 year deal of maybe a total of $7 million. If not give him a Second Round Tender of about $2 million.

$15.5 million spent with $26.5 million left

Contract extension: Mike Williams- He is a solid #2 WR and would be worth the money. $6.5 million for his first year. 5 year $34 million with the first 3 years guaranteed.

$20 million left for FA and the Draft

Free Agency: For Free Agency, the Bucs should look to get 3 players that can start instantly.

Cornerback: A name that is being mentioned often on here is Cary Williams. Don't get me wrong, I think he is good, but I would rather someone else. I think the Bucs need to obtain two CB's in FA. The other popular name tossed around is Sean Smith, but he is unproven and is requesting a lot of money.

Keenan Lewis- He is still very young and has loads of talent. It is unlikely that he will be resigned by the Steelers because of their cap space issues. $6 million

Derek Cox- The Bucs acquired his old position coach in Jacksonville as the Defensive Backs Coach in Tampa so that is more leverage that the Bucs hold. He is a good but injury riddled CB so he would be cheaper than a Sean Smith or Cary Williams. $4 million

Tight End: Dallas Clark should not be brought back. The Bucs have invested much of their time rotating through subpar TE's and now its time that they sign one that is actually starter material.

Dustin Keller- He is the best option out there in my opinion. He has shined for the Jets and really was their only true offensive weapon for a long time. He is a good pass catcher and a willing blocker that would help to solidify the passing game. $4 million

Spending $14 million on Free Agents leaving $6 million.

Draft: Im not a believer in Ansah, Rhodes, Banks, Vacarro, or Hankins at 13. Unless a guy like Milliner, Lotulelei, Moore, Jockel, or Werner fall to 13, then I would want the Bucs to trade back. A team with picks that could look to make a move for a guy would be St. Louis. Give Round 1 #13 and Round 4 #29 for the Rams Round 1 #22, Round 2 #16 and Round 6 pick #16

Round 1 pick #22: Johnathan Hankins NT Ohio State- The Bucs need a guy that can get after the passer alongside of McCoy. Here he is.

Round 2 pick #12: Tavon Austin WR West Virginia- Now the offense is solid. Rather then trade this pick, another pick, and tons of cash to get Percy Harvin, just get a Percy Harvin like player. Also can play KR/PR to help solve special teams problems.

TRADE!!! There is always a player that everyone is eyeing and hoping slips and one team decides that they don't want to risk the wait.(LaVonte David, Jerel Worthy) That team in my mind would be the Dolphins, and the player is Xavier Rhodes. In need of a corner to replace Sean Smith they give the Bucs their Round 2 pick #24 and Round 4 pick #14 for the Bucs Round 2 pick #16 and Round 7 pick #12.

Round 2 pick #24(From St. Louis trade): Logan Ryan CB Rutgers- A name thrown around on here often, Ryan would have a connection with Schiano and would hopefully become a #1 corner for the Bucs somewhere down the road.

Round 3 pick #11: Khaseem Greene LB Rutgers- The Bucs double up on Rutgers defenders. He has been falling into the third round on many mocks. With this pick the Bucs would solidify their front 7. Oh and he went to Rutgers so yeah Schiano connection.

Round 4 pick #14 (From Miami trade): Justin Pugh OT Syracuse- Blah blah blah short arms. Tackles with short arms can make it in the NFL just as short QB's can. He doesn't need to come in and start over Dotson, but would relieve him when Dotson becomes a FA next season.

Round 4 pick #15: Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State- Even if the Bucs do manage to sign back Blount, trading him and getting a guy like Bell who can be a solid #2 back would be nice.

Round 5 pick #14: DJ Swearinger FS South Carolina- Put him behind Ronde Barber for a year and let him mature and learn from Ronde.

Round 6 pick #13: Zac Dysert QB Miami of Ohio- Here me out. He will not be working out at the combine because he tore his hamstring. His draft stock will slide. He can be a cheap and talented player to push Freeman. And say Freeman isn't the guy then maybe Dysert is.

Round 6 pick #16: Jake Stoneburner TE Ohio State- Has size and skills to be a good receiving TE. Willing blocker. Didn't produce well because he was moved to WR for the 2012 season. If put into a TE position where he thrived, he can make a bigger impact.

Rookies should take up the remaining $6 million

Other: As far as a extension for Josh Freeman, I don't believe that he will be offered an extension. He will be given a new contract at the end of the next season and when that time comes around, so does the rise in the salary cap floor.

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