ProFootball Focus' Bucs Ratings

Hi fellow Bucs fans!

In this post I will reveal the league rankings of each Bucs player as determined by Pro Football Focus. They watch every snap of every game and grade every play.

Some notes on the methodology

As far as I know there are no adjustments made for the strength of your opponent. These rankings are based on the cumulative effect the player has had on their team. They aren't averaged out for games or snaps played. Therefore, a player who has only played 3 games but has been fantastic will likely be ranked lower than a player who has been above average for 12 games.

The Offense!

Mike Glennon: 29 of 38 qualifying QBs. (What qualifies you is playing 25% or more of your team's snaps.)

Bobby Rainey: Does not yet qualify, but Martin was in Bilal Powell, Darren McFadden, Trent Richardson territory before he was hurt.

Vincent Jackson: 46 of 112 WRs (This seems a little low)

Tiquan Underwood: 67 of 112 WRs

Timothy Wright: 37 of 61 TEs

Donald Penn: 22 of 79 OTs

Demar Dotson: 6 of 79 OTs

Jamon Meredith: 45 of 75 OGs

Davin Joseph: 74 of 75 OGs

Jeremy Zuttah: 23 of 35 Cs

The Defense:

Adrian Clayborn: 45 of 50 DEs

Daniel Te'o-Nesheim: 50 of 50 DEs

Gerald McCoy: 1 of 69 DTs (includes 3-4 NTs)

Akeem Spence: 65 of 69 DTs

Lavonte David: 2 of 33 OLBs (excludes 3-4 OLBs)

Dekoda Watson: Not Qualified, but grades out well in his limited snaps

Mason Foster: 32 of 52 MLB/ILBs (This includes 3-4 inside LBs)

Darrelle Revis: 1 of 112 CBs

Johnthan Banks: 107 of 112 CBs

Leonard Johnson: 93 of 112 CBs

Mark Barron: 60 of 84 Ss

Dashon Goldson: 76 of 84 Ss

Their numbers seem to match the eye test. Glennon struggling, but not getting help from a shoddy line that cannot create lanes for a run game. V-Jax being dangerous but dropping too many balls.

On defense, a few absolute studs surrounded by what we only wish could be mediocrity. Revis' return to being a shutdown corner only making matters worse for our other guys who are being exploited constantly. The two safeties running around just trying (often unsuccessfully) to hit anyone with blown coverages left and right.

Do you agree or disagree with the rankings? How much of this is down to coaches not putting players in a position to win? Does seeing these numbers change in any way your view of the jobs our coaches have been doing?

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