Likely Cap Casualties

This season was disappointing. A lot can be blamed on Schiano, but the players have to take some of that as well. I'm going examine some of the disappointing players an explain why certain players may not return next year. Personally, im torn. Blowing the team up would obviously put us in a bad spot next year. It's not fair to a new coach to tear the team apart. However, some of these guys are just over-paid. Guys like McCoy, Barron, David, Foster and Martin will all need new contracts soon and blowing up the team will ensure the money to lock them up.

That being said, the Bucs were 6 mil under the cap last year. The cap will naturally go up 3-4 mil per season so we'll say the 2014 Bucs are currently 10 mil under the cap before the draft.

Davin Joseph-

Joseph has no guaranteed money on his contract. No cap hit for '14. Injuries and lackluster performance says 6 mil a year is too much.

Carl Nicks-

The guy cant stay healthy. We'd save 2 mil cutting him this year but 5 mil next year. A replacement is likely to cost more than 2 mil so I'd keep him an pray he gets healthy.

Donald Penn-

Love the guy. But, we could save 5 mil cutting him. I'm also torn on Penn. His performance hasn't declined as much as Joseph's but we could certainly use the cap space and an upgrade. LT is traditionally the highest paid on the OL. A replacement would not be cheap. I say he gets one more year. Next years cap savings is 7 mil.

Jeremy Zuttah-

Getting rid of him would save 4 mil. For that price we could get a better Center in FA. The better option would be to draft one so we'd save over 3 mil.

Adrian Clayborn-

Getting rid of him will save us nothing in cap space. He's staying, even just for depth.

Michael Koenen-

Who pays a punter 3 mil a year? He's gone. A replacement will not cost more then 1 mil.

So, to tally things up. I'd cut Joseph, Zuttah and Koenen. Including Lindell's 1 mil, I would free up 14 mil in cap space to bring us ~24 mil under the cap in '14. With no trades, we can reasonably expect ~6 mil for rookie contracts knocking us down to 18 mil.

What would you do with the cap space left?

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