The Mike Glennon Conundrum

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired their Head Coach and General Manager. To most fans this comes as a welcome change, as the old regime was not getting it done on the field. And while new blood in both the front office as well as the coaching staff will certainly lead to changes in the on field product, there is still one issue Tampa must address before the Buccaneers can break the playoff slump they have found themselves in since the Gruden era. The Quarterback situation.

Last year, Tampa selected Mike Glennon in the 3rd round of the draft. At the time he was destined for a backup role behind incumbent Josh Freeman. Fast forward to week 4 and Glennon was preparing for his first start in the NFL. He would go 4-9 in his first year as a starter and now that his head coach is gone, he faces an offseason of uncertainty. But replacing Glennon will be a tough task for the next regime, and it may ultimately be in their best interest to roll with him one more year.

Throughout 2013, Glennon displayed the ups and downs most rookies display in their first year. Like all rookies, the speed of the game caught up with Glennon often. He threw behind his receivers too often, and took inexcusable sacks because he did not read the defense fast enough.

Glennon showed that he was a rookie. But he also showed promise. He made some throws that showed he can be good in this league, and displayed the poise that is uncommon in many rookie QB's, especially 3rd rounders.

Here lies the problem, though. He needs time to develop. With the right coach and enough time, Glennon could be the guy in Tampa. But with a large amount of the staff facing change, will the new regime give him the time he needs to develop?

Whoever the next Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ends up being, he will not be tied to Glennon in any capacity. Even so, he may not get another option at Quarterback next season. Tampa selects 7th in the draft with 4-5 Quarterback needy teams ahead of them. And while the Rams have already expressed interest in trading down form the 2nd pick, the entire league saw how that worked out for the Redskins in their pursuit of RGIII. Trading up may just be too hefty of a price to pay.

Chances are Tampa will not get a shot at any of the top Quarterback prospects in the draft, and with no legitimate starting Quarterbacks in free agency (The group is headlined by the likes of Cutler, Vick, McCown and Freeman) the options for replacing Glennon are slim.

So what does the next coach of the Buccaneers do? Does he roll with Glennon one more year and see if he can catch lightning in a bottle? Does he reach for a Quarterback at pick #7? Or does he bring in an aging vet to try and hold the position over until the next Franchise QB falls into his lap?

Either way, the Quarterback situation in Tampa may not be resolved any time soon.

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