Observations of the "What Part Of #FIRESCHIANO Do The ESPN and Sports Illustrated Gasbags NOT GET?" Bucs/Saints Season-Ending Flop

1) When all I'm hearing this afternoon from the media elites that the owners will bring back Schiano after a monstrously BAD second season where the team CLEARLY REGRESSED even with major upgrades of talent at key positions, all I can say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #FIRESCHIANO

1a) Thank God for the Cheerleaders, still:



2) What was horrifying about this disaster was the Bucs' defense, supposedly the stronger unit on the field, gave up over 400 passing yards to arguably one of the top three QBs in the game - Drew Brees - and especially giving up 350+ passing yards before halftime. Inexcusable. Pass coverage almost non-existent, with the team giving up three different 70+ passing touchdowns. Was Mark Barron really that key to our secondary?

2a) The second the Saints got to 28 points, you might as well have ended the game right there. This Bucs' offense would not, in its current alignment, generate that many points. it certainly couldn't create enough points in the second half, where the offense has been truly abysmal and one of the worst in the league.

That ongoing sin - that the Bucs offense DID NOT MAKE ADJUSTMENTS IN SECOND HALFS and was the worst scoring unit in the whole league for that part of games ALL SEASON LONG - is one of the KEY REASONS that the Glazers HAVE to #FireSchiano


2b) Here's what will happen if Schiano stays as Head Coach: the fans will abandon this team like never before. You think fandom sucked during the dark days of the late 80s-early 90s?! That will be nothing compared to the complete abandonment by the few remaining season ticket holders the team has barely kept after 5 straight years of questionable coaching and/or talent.

The Bucs have been derided for the constant blackouts due to poor home attendance, and while some of that had been due to just a bad local economy, there's not much of an excuse for that right now. The fans have to have hope as a reason for showing up for home games, and if the owners refuse to see what the fans see - that Schiano is literally out of his league at the pro level - then the fans will turn away by the thousands, not hundreds. Merch sales will plummet, even on jerseys for the players the fans have hope for. That's a ton of money the owners will be losing, not to mention the national ragging they're going to get for mismanaging this team.

If the Glazers want to boost ticket sales, season ticket holders, fill this not-that-big-a-stadium, they gotta #FireSchiano. IT'S JUST GODDAMN COMMON SENSE AS WELL AS BASIC BUSINESS SENSE.

3) Before this game, the bigger outrage was how Lavonte David, monster outside linebacker this season, having one of the best years a linebacker could have, got totally snubbed by the Pro Bowl. While the PB voting over the years has become ever more of a joke, this year it is inexcusable... especially since it's looking like it was the players and coaches who failed to let Lavonte play.

It can be argued that playing on a bad team hurt David's chances, but the players and coaches voted in Gerald McCoy - who deserved the love - and Darrelle Revis - who's kinda meh this season coming off that knee injury and dealing with a terrible defensive scheme that didn't play to his strength.

All we can hope for now is that David gets a deserved nod for the All-Pro selection, which is just as important a postseason honor, as well as getting a clean shot at the Defensive Player of the Year (which is tough as there are other players having good years too).

4) As the off-season is now the only thing the Bucs can do right now, we've got to look at serious needs for both Free Agency and Rookie Drafting.

4a) Regarding talent needs and availability, the Bucs have to look at the draft to see about getting better at Quarterback, Offensive Tackle, Tight End, and maybe Defensive End and Offensive Guard.

4b) Free agency doesn't look good for the Bucs to pursue any of those positions well, but there's a good chance of getting better with depth needs at Cornerback - GAAAAAAH DID WE SUCK - and Offensive Line, most likely Guard. Getting a quality DE via the FA market is questionable, unless it's a deep pool this off-season. What's the FA market looking like, people?

4c) Also, more cheerleader pics:



I know it's not the one I'm obsessing over, but hey this a Bucs cheerleader in a swimsuit at the beach. ENJOY.

5) Stats of the game: Drew Brees throwing 24 of 31 (only 7 incompletes) for 4 TDs and no INTs. His passing yard average was 12.3 yards. He's basically throwing for fresh first downs every pass play. That's how much yardage he was getting. By comparison, Mike Glennon had 5.9 yards per completion.

5a) The Bucs went for over 1,000 yards in penalties for the season. Did the team even get enough total rushing yards over 1,000 yards out of the 5-6 RBs we had?

5b) The Bucs' scoring numbers this game in the Second Half: 3 points. One freaking field goal. What are the numbers for the Second Half all season long? I know the Bucs were the worst scoring team after halftime EVERY HALFTIME, but what was the final total?

6) In other NFL news, the Chiefs didn't play their starters and they almost won versus the Chargers. Kudos for the San Diego squad to fight back and play for a win in overtime.

6a) Congrats on the choke, Dolphins.

6b) In other drafting news, the Bucs are drafting seventh overall. Too low for a franchise QB for certain, too low for a franchise OT... just right for a franchise TE in Eric Ebron. YES...

6c) Detroit just can't ever catch a break, can they?

6d) Is it too late to mention the Bucs should #FIRESCHIANO?

6e) There's nothing to do for a New Year's Eve, unless anyone's got a solid suggestion for something fun in the Tampa Bay area...

7) In college football news, WAR EAGLE, MY MOM IS INSISTING ON AN AUBURN WIN

8) In professional hockey news, it'd be nice to see the Lightning keep a six-to-eight game winning streak going more often than not. I know they're number 2 (or maybe 3rd now) in their division, but seriously guys we need more consistency out of ya.

9) In professional basketball news, who cares? Tampa doesn't have a team so ppffffffttt on you guys.



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