Now I would like to come out and say how disappointed I am in the current Pro Bowl selection scheme. The fact that Lavonte David was snubbed out of the Pro Bowl team is exactly the reason why the NFL shouldn't give the fans the power to elect the players.

OK, as expected the talk about Greg Schiano being given the pink slip has escalated. It seams 75% of the fans want him gone, and I see there reasoning. We have regressed this year, given it has been under mostly a rookie quarterback, but still we have regressed. But it seems the other 25% want to keep him as they believe that short winning streak showed signs of winning to come. Me? Well I believe that if Schiano had of pulled the season together after winning in Detroit, beating Buffalo, Miami and Atlanta and gave us fans a 6-10 or a 7-9 record, he would have deserved another year to redeem himself. But since we are looking at a 5-11 record, if we are able to overcome the odds against the Saints, he shouldn't be given another year.

But when you think about it, what Schiano has done in his short tenure is nothing short of a miracle. When he arrived the most talent on our roster was Josh Freeman (cough), Donald Penn, Davin Joseph, Ronde Barber and well, maybe Gerald McCoy. Remember at that time, McCoy was good but he kept getting injured which lured the B-word. Schiano has funded the Buccaneers with an All-Pro Running Back, a solid Pro Bowl wide receiver, a promising defensive backfield which includes the best cornerback in the league, an impressive linebacker core which has one of the best, if not the best 4-3 OLB in the league and has transformed Gerald McCoy into a future bust to the best interior lineman in the league. Now that is impressive.

But lack of play-calling and the overall drama in the locker room concerning the Josh Freeman scandal, MRSA outbreak, Lawrence Tynes problems and talk of mutiny (all in one season) will be, in my opinion what the Glazers will use to decide Schiano's fate. Not to mention Schiano applying for the HC job at Penn State.

So, for the sake of the remainder of the article, that Schiano and his staff is given the pink slip. Who do we hire? Someone with an offensive background, our defense is stacked with potential to be the best with the guidance of a skilled defensive play-caller.

My personal opinion is that we pick up someone like Greg Roman, the offensive play caller in San Fran. Or what about Pete Carmichael, the offensive coordinator for the Saints. Both would bring a modern look to offense, both giving Glennon options and to progress.

So say we take either of those two coordinators, or maybe even someone else. What next, well about this time everyone will be looking at free agency. I say we take someone to help with our poor pass-rush. Now I have pondered over this guy since I noticed a few months back he was a FA and with a recent post by another fan, he has really shot up my boards.

JARED ALLEN, the elite pass-rusher would give us immediate help on the LE position and make the defense that much more elite. He may be a band-aid, but if that means a year or two, maybe even three years down the track he leaves us after giving fellow linemen good techniques on how to rush the passer and we can happily take a first or second round DE. Than sign this guy.

Next, after signing Allen and solidifying our defensive line with 2 Pro bowlers. We fill small needs around the team, I won't name any players as I feel that no other need can be properly met in free agency. So looking forward to the draft, I vote on taking a player that will make our offense amazing and dynamic. If we were to sign an offensive minded coach this would almost make things unfair.

SAMMY WATKINS, this guys is speed. Not only would this allow us to put Mike WIlliams in the slot, finally giving us a elite 3-receiver set. But that will give Mike Glennon another target. Watkins speed will make opposing defenses choose between V-Jax, Watkins, Williams, Wright and Martin. Talk about high-octane.

Now I know this will piss a lot of you off. Some want a OL drafted, others want a pass-rusher in the first. That's why I propose we trade with the 15th-20th pick and select if available.

TAYLOR LEWAN, this pick would immediately upgrade our offensive line. We could move Donald Penn into the guard position where it seems Carl Nicks might not return, or maybe even trim the "fat" and save some cap. This pick just makes sense but I can already hear the screams of people saying he wont last that long.

So if he were to go before we can pick him, the Bucs need to wait into the second round where they select.

ANTONIO RICHARDSON, another pick that would upgrade our OL and give the Bucs a solid franchise tackle to protect Mike Glennon.

With these additions to the team, I feel the Bucs could be a serious threat. I'm not one to wish upon a loss, but lets just say I wouldn't be too annoyed if the Bucs lost to the Saints on Sunday hopefully leading to an happy Black Monday for the Bucs


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