Schiano Recap - 2014 Needs

It's almost the end of the year and if Schiano doesn't get blown out two games in a row, it sure seems like the coach will have another shot. Now many people are frustrated (as am I) but lets try to think positive for a little bit!!! (Remember Glazers haven't deciding anything yet but lets say he stays).


You can agree or disagree but since Schiano has come in as the head coach, the drafting has been a lot more successful since he came in. Now the main reason for that is because Schiano is drafting Buccaneer men (Schiano men). His goal is to build a very strong physical defense which creates turnovers and personally I think hes done a pretty good job for what he started with. Other than Gerald Mccoy and Mason Foster (Thank god he worked out) the whole defense is being built by Schiano men. 2012 he drafted his linebacker & Safety early in the draft and had a few projects of his own (which unfortunately didn't work out but that's life). 2013 the first two picks were corners (yes Revis was basically a pick). Now the last problem for this defense is pass rush, which some people think its the scheme but in Schiano's mind its the players. 2014 I personally believe that we will go right after the pass rusher with the first pick (doesn't matter whether its LB/DE). After this we will definitely start filling the needs on offense.


Needs: OG, WR,OT, TE

It really seems like the days of Sullivan have come to an end and McNulty will be taking reigns of the offense and the future of Greg Schiano. If this offense isn't able to become successful as many people have been hoping since the middle of last season, Schiano will not be seeing year 4 as the head coach. This has been Schiano's goal and I'm sure there has been talk at One Buc between Schiano and Sullivan.


Unfortunately Carl Nicks has been injured almost the whole time being a Buc and Davin Joesph is steadily declining at his position. Unless some how Carl Nicks is 100% next year and Davin just needed another off season to become 100% we need to find a new starter for the future.


Currently the Bucs are very weak at the third receiver spot and we really don't have any playmakers with yards after the catch. Also, it would be nice to find another #1 receiver to take over Vincent's spot once he retires.


Donald Penn hasn't been terrible as some people think be hasn't been great either. It's time to develop a new hidden gem or draft a lineman for once. (PROTECT GLENNON)


This one is difficult because Tim Wright has improved (he will be bigger in 2014) and also all of the injuries that occurred last year to the tight ends they will return. A new mobile tight end would be awesome but not necessarily at the top of the list of needs.


Needs: DE, CB, LB

The defense is staying the same so everyone complaining about the system I'm sorry but its staying the same. On a positive note, everyone complaining about Revis playing zone this will not happen in 2014. Revis was not 100% unfortunately or else he would be playing man on every play. Do you really think Schiano would play undrafted free agents man on man every game and not Revis? As I stated before Schiano doesn't have his pass rushers (unfortunately Clayborn and Bowers didn't work out) and this will be the focus.


Pass Rush is still missing and whoever they pick in the draft/Free agency will be huge for next years team. (Hopefully its both!)


We have two pretty solid CB currently (Banks is still learning) but after that its all downhill. I was hoping for the best for Johnson but unfortunately it didn't and in this league you can't have enough good corners!


Personally I believe we are pretty good at linebacker, but if we are able to find a pass rusher/LB that would provide great depth for this team.

Positive Note

This is a win now league and unfortunately that's not the route these Bucs took. Just think back to the Myron lewis & EJ Bigger, Preston Parker & Dezmon Briscoe, those days were pretty bad! Schiano has finally cleaned the house and this upcoming offseason will be the final pieces to his puzzle. These past two years hes been removing all of the weeds that were placed by former coaches/Dominick, Freeman was a big part as well. Lastly, everyone stop comparing the Bucs and the Chiefs, I'm sorry but if you watch football, the talent level that was already on the team (many pro bowlers) and the players they added additionally we are not there yet (I think we will be there next year). I'm excited about next year and to see what improvements Schiano makes, (as should everyone else) I'm concerned as everyone else but we seriously have to stop stressing so much and think positive.

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