#FireSchiano and Hire a New Coach - December (You're Fired) Edition

With the regular season drawing to a close a few of the coaches are on the hot seat - I just wanted to list some of the coaches who are on the hot seat and see if any of them would be a good fit for our Bucs. As much as I understand that fired coaches generally are not a good sign, I really do not want Schiano to return one more season. He is quite stubborn on his game plans and is getting out coached by any of the established/up and coming coaches (he has lost to Jim Harbaugh, Ron Rivera, Sean Payton, Bill Belichick). At this point even a fired coach may do better than Schiano.

So here is the list of coaches who have been fired/are on the hot seat:

1. Tom Coughlin - Chances are that he is not going to get fired. However, there is a lot of thought in the Giants organization that something needs to change for them to snap out of the funk. And there has been thoughts that Tom himself may be thinking of walking away from the NYG organization. If this happens, he would be a terrific coach to take the Bucs team to the next level.

2. Rex Ryan - Ever since Idzik took the GM job @ New York Jets, Rex Ryan has been on notice. There have been a lot of heat over how Rex Ryan has completely failed to establish an offense in New York Jets over the last 5 years. However, he is one of the best defensive minds and perhaps can make the Bucs D a scary monster. Perhaps not hire him as a HC, but as a play calling DC.

3. Gary Kubiak - Already fired and in the market. He developed a Houston Texans team from scratch. Has a good offense background and may be able to scrape through next season with Glennon and get a good QB in the 2015 draft (Mariotta?)

4. Lovie Smith - Enough said about him

5. Mike Smith - There is a chance that the Atlanta Falcons may fire Mike after a colossal flop of a season (especially when started out with SB aspirations).

6. Leslie Frazier - Thanks, but no, thanks!

7. Jason Garrett - Really a hard to evaluate commodity as Jerry Jones has been a major decision maker who has lorded over Garrett. However, credit must be given to his ability to still make the Dallas a perennial playoff contender, even with a mistake prone QB and a high school defense

8. Jim Schwartz - Oh no!!!!

9. Dennis Allen - Hell no!

10. Mike Shanahan - I have my doubts about this guy (who apparently has HOF credentials). Take out the games where he had Elway and you have a 0.500 career record coach. He comes with baggage (read Kyle Shanahan) who could not do anything with a guy like Robert Griffin III under center.

11. Mike Munchak - Would not be an upgrade over what we have already!


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