49ers vs. Buccaneers Snap counts: William Gholston on the rise

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new, improving young player along the defensive line. That and more in this week's snap counts.

Davin Joseph was un-benched this week, or rather he was probably never benched and his absence for part of last week's game was due to injury, which Schiano noted the day after. There were very few surprises in this week's game: Tim Wright continues to take almost all the snaps, Chris Owusu is still the second-team wide receiver and Gerald McCoy gets about two snaps of rest every week.

One interesting note: both Dekoda Watson and Mason Foster were on the field for nearly the entire game, which means the Bucs spent most of the game in their base defense. That's caused by the way the 49ers attacked the Bucs (and every other team they face), as they don't have the depth to go to a lot of three-wide sets.

William Gholston is also emerging as more and more of a factor. He's a very stout run defender who's now taking more snaps than Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, and is mostly playing left defensive end and defensive tackle. While he doesn't really have the explosiveness to be a great edge rusher, his long arms give him an advantage and he has the power to do some damage inside, as well. He's been very productive over the past few weeks, which bodes well for his future. He'll have a good chance of winning the starting base defensive end position next season.

Player Pos. Offense % Defense % Special Teams
Totals 51 74 31
D Joseph G 51 100% 2 6%
D Penn T 51 100% 2 6%
J Meredith T 51 100% 2 6%
D Dotson T 51 100% 2 6%
J Zuttah C 51 100%
V Jackson WR 51 100%
M Glennon QB 51 100%
T Wright TE 48 94%
T Underwood WR 44 86%
C Owusu WR 35 69%
B Rainey RB 29 57%
B Leonard RB 22 43% 7 23%
E Lorig FB 13 25% 17 55%
K Adams TE 6 12% 10 32%
S Larsen FB 3 6% 21 68%
E Page WR 2 4% 10 32%
G Carimi G 1 2% 2 6%
S Dawson WR 1 2% 2 6%
D Goldson FS 74 100% 15 48%
J Banks CB 74 100% 8 26%
D Revis CB 74 100% 7 23%
G McCoy DT 72 97% 8 26%
M Foster LB 69 93% 8 26%
A Clayborn DE 68 92% 7 23%
L David LB 66 89% 11 35%
D Watson LB 63 85% 29 94%
A Spence DT 60 81% 8 26%
M Barron SS 49 66% 4 13%
W Gholston DE 38 51% 4 13%
K Tandy SS 32 43% 21 68%
D Te'o-Nesheim DE 32 43% 4 13%
L Johnson CB 12 16% 7 23%
A Hayward LB 9 12% 21 68%
D Bowers DE 9 12%
D Landri DT 7 9%
S Means DE 6 8% 1 3%
R Shepard WR 21 68%
K McCray FS 14 45%
M Hill RB 14 45%
K Glaud LB 14 45%
D Gorrer DB 13 42%
M Koenen P 12 39%
A Economos LS 9 29%
R Lindell K 2 6%
T Larsen C 2 6%
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