Assessing the Team: Looking Ahead to 2014



Before I start, a few things. This is a list that is from the Bucs official website including all active, injured reserve, practice squad, and non-football injury list. This is what I think the Bucs should do with their roster next season, but this doesn't include who I think will be drafted or who will be signed in free agency.


Mike Glennon, Dan Orlovsky, Jordan Rodgers

Keep: Mike Glennon, Dan Orlovsky

Why: As much of a skeptic as I currently am, and will continue to be, Glennon is all we got. If Dan wants to stay so be it, him and Mike likely have a good relationship so why bring in something new. I would still like for the Bucs to explore better options at QB because I don't think Glennon can be the guy.

Running Back:

Doug Martin, Mike James, Bobby Rainey, Brian Leonard, Jeff Demps Mike Hill, Michael Smith, Erik Lorig, Spencer Larsen, Lonnie Pryor

Keep: Doug Martin, Mike James, Bobby Rainey, Jeff Demps, Mike Hill, Erik Lorig, Lonnie Pryor

Why: Doug Martin, Mike James, and Bobby Rainey should all be retained. Why trade away good depth and dynamic players. Demps has boom potential. Hill and Pryor should be kept around for training camp and possibly practice squad. Lorig is a homegrown guy and I would like to see him retained. The Michael Smith experiment should come to an end. Spencer Larsen doesn't need to be kept around. The bucs shouldn't have three FB's anyway.

Wide Receiver:

Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, Tiquan Underwood, Chris Owusu, Skye Dawson, Eric Page, Russell Sheppard

Keep: Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, Tiquan Underwood, Chris Owusu, Eric Page, Skye Dawson

Why: No surprise in keeping VJax and Mike Williams. The hair is consistently decent so that to me has proven him as a keeper. Owusu, Page, and Skye have potential so they should battle it out in camp. I think that there is always room for more WR talent, so I wouldn't be opposed to drafting or signing someone.

Tight End:

Luke Stocker, Tim Wright, Tom Crabtree, Nate Byham, Kyle Adams

Keep: Tim Wright, Tom Crabtree, Nate Byham

Why: Tim Wright is the future at the TE position for the Bucs. Crabtree is decent enough to be a good second option. Byham has potential to be good so keep him around. GOODBYE LUKE STOCKER! I think the Bucs should always look to improve here. Imagine if Jimmy Graham left the Saints and joined Tampa. I can see the angry saints fans now.


Donald Penn, Demar Dotson, Gabe Carimi, Jamon Meredith, Jace Daniels, Emmet Cleary

Keep: Demar Dotson, Gabe Carimi, Jamon Meredith, Jace Daniels

Why: Yes, I said it. Release or trade Donald Penn. The Bucs can do better for a lot cheaper. Demar Dotson is becoming a great project. Carimi and Meredith are decent backups and Carimi can potentially be productive. Daniels has potential so keep him around.


Davin Joseph, Carl Nicks, Patrick Omameh

Keep: Carl Nicks

Why: I honestly don't even want to keep Nicks around but I feel like his contract is structured so well for him that it would be a waste to release him. The Bucs guards have been terrible this year and Carl Nicks has been a waste of money due to injury. Sad, but true. I doubt the Bucs get rid of both Joseph and Penn.


Jeremy Zuttah, Ted Larsen, Clebert Richard

Keep: Jeremy Zuttah, Ted Larsen

Why: These two are two of the better lineman as of this year. Both should have the ability to start.

Defensive End:

Adrian Clayborn, Da'Quan Bowers, William Gholston, Steven Means, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Marvin Booker

Keep: Adrian Clayborn, Da'Quan Bowers, William Gholston, Steven Means, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim

Why: Clayborn, Bowers, Gholston, Means, and Nesheim are all either good enough or have enough potential to be good so I would like for them to stay. Some new coaches should help to bring the talent out. And Gholston seems to be looking better and better each week.

Defensive Tackle:

Gerald McCoy, Akeem Spence, Derek Landri, Gary Gibson, Matthew Masifilio, Everett Dawkins

Keep: GMC, Akeem Spence, Matthew Masifilio, Everett Dawkins

Why: GMC and Spence are the future at the position. Masifilio and Dawkins are practice squad camp bodies that could lead to something. I think these filler veterans are a dime a dozen.


LaVonte David, Mason Foster, Jonathon Casillas, Dekoda Watson, Adam Hayward, Jacob Cutrera, Ka'Lial Glaud


Why: David, Foster, Casillas, Watson, and Hayward are good at what they do so keep em. Cutrera and Glaud are potential/camp bodies so give them a shot in training camp.


Darrelle Revis, Johnthan Banks, Leonard Johnson, Danny Gorrer, Deveron Carr, Anthony Gaitor, Rashad Melvin, Michael Adams, Marc Anthony, Bobby Fielder

Keep: Darrelle Revis, Johnthan Banks, Leonard Johnson, Danny Gorrer, Deveron Carr, Anthony Gaitor, Rashad Melvin

Why: Revis and Banks are obvious. Johnson, Gorrer, Carr, Melvin, and Gaitor should battle it out for the remaining positions. I am always down for more corner depth coming through the draft or in free agency.


Dashon Goldson, Mark Barron, Keith Tandy, Kelcie McCray

Keep: Goldson, Barron, McCray

Why: Goldson and Barron are solid. McCray has potential. I don't want Tandy to stay. All his good plays are him being out of position or lost and just getting gifted interceptions or tackles. The Bucs should look to add a good backup in free agency.

Special Teams:

Connor Barth, Lawrence Tynes, Rian Lindell, Michael Koenen, Andrew Economos

Keep: Barth, Economos

Why: Koenen is not needed. His punting is becoming a liability and he is getting paid way too much. Tynes and Lindell were mistakes as Buccaneers.

Roster assessment:

Offense: The Bucs lack quality in key positions. Quarterback is shaky with Glennon either having good games or bad games. All those good games depend on Vincent Jackson bailing him out on jump balls deep down the field. He could improve and become something or he could be just another guy. At running back the Bucs now seem stacked. After finding gems in Mike James and Bobby Rainey to now spell Doug Martin, the star back should be able to stay healthy. I believe that Erik Lorig is a great fullback and is completely overlooked. The Bucs could always use a good possession receiver to work the slots so VJax doesn't have to. Tight end became a little better with the finding of Tim Wright. The offensive line is not as good as we were hoping folks. Penn is a average tackle. Nicks is always out. Zuttah is always out of position because of Nicks injuries. Larsen manages to do good but has the occasional mishap. Joseph either does very good on a play or very, very, bad. Demar Dotson has been really good! A glimmer of hope for our lines future! In my opinion, this offense needs to spend the money, draft picks, or even players to get a franchise quarterback. If the Bucs had "that guy" they would be capable of doing some pretty great things on offense.

Defense: The defensive schemes and coaching need to improve before they can improve as a unit. GMC, Clayborn, LaVonte David, Mason Foster, Revis, Barron, and Goldson are all good building blocks. This defense has oodles of talent and if another quality pass rusher can develop or be added then the dynamic of the team can change drastically. GMC, LaVonte David, and Darrelle Revis are all tops in their positions in the league, so if we can add something to that, whether it is schematic, coaching, or additional players, this defense can thrive.

Special Teams: Special teams needs some help. A dynamic returner is needed. Maybe Demps, Michael Smith, Eric Page, Skye Dawson, Bobby Rainey, or someone else can be that guy. However, if a good returner is let loose this offseason or a very dynamic player is available in the draft, I would like to see the Bucs make a move to get that player regardless of what position they play. Michael Koenen needs to go. The fan base despises him for the amount of money he was paid and that he has one terrible kick every game. I can't wait for Connor Barth to be back! We miss you!

Any comments, concerns, questions, feel free to put them in the comments. If you would like to tell me what you think then go ahead! I love to chat with fellow fans.

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