Observations of "Peter O'Toole Is Dead And Schiano Still Hasn't Been Fired" 12/15/13 Weepfest (with poll)

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1) I just found out Peter O'Toole passed away on Saturday. Damn it all. One of the best actors to never win an award for deserved performances - Laurence of Arabia, Lion In Winter, even My Favorite Year (you know how rare it is for comedic performances to get the honor?). I heard he was great in Stunt Man, I need to go rent that someday.

Meanwhile, there a damn screw in my tire (does AAA come out for tire repair?), I only got a handful of Christmas presents taken care of today, the movie showing of The Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo was marred by a trio of pre-teen gigglers kicking at the chair next to me, and (last part removed because it was a little TOO much information, okay).

Among all this, the Bucs getting their butts stomped by the 49ers isn't even worth much consideration, other than the fact this is further proof that the team needs to FIRE SCHIANO.

2) Kinda knew for the Bucs coming into this game was going to face a tough defense in the 49ers, and that was no surprise from what I'm seeing from the stat charts. (I did not watch this game save for the Third Quarter: I had other priorities) The Bucs' drives for much of the First half went almost NOWHERE: only one sustained drive for much of it until the 2-minute drill giving Tampa a touchdown before the halftime whistle. Almost no rushing yards against the Niners. Meanwhile, San Fran's offense was consistent at least, getting 22 first downs compared to Tampa's 13, and doing well gaining rushing yards (187 total) against what is usually a decent rush defense for Tampa.

2a) Most telling stat of the First Half: Bucs had ZERO third down conversions. It was a telling stat for the whole game that they only garnered ONE. That does not equate into decent offense and decent scoring chances.

2b) If there was anything of interest about the First Half, it looks as though the Bucs committed no penalties during any drives that half-hour. Seriously?

3) The part of the game I watched was the Third Quarter, when I saw one of the craziest plays this year: 49ers throw play, toss down the sideline to WR Davis who's being covered by LB Lavonte David. David bats it in the air, then it falls right into his hands as he collapses to the ground. It's a legit Interception, and he gets up before Davis can tag him down. He goes racing down the sidelines, then gets held up by a fellow Buc player who tells him there's a flag on the play... but the refs still don't blow a whistle, so David shrugs him off and keep racing down the sidelines while only one 49er player sticks to the play and tries to knock him out. David collapses winded in the end zone... and of course the damn thing gets called back because GERALD MCCOY of all people was flagged for offsides. McCoy! HOW COULD YOU...!

4) I didn't see this play but heard it on the radio driving home before the screw in my tire made it go totally flat: after a field goal makes the score 23-14, the Bucs try for a razzle-dazzle kickoff return with Page running it out... and then trying a handoff reverse to Shepherd only to have those two fumble the attempt. It bounces straight to a 49er player who returns it untouched to the end zone for a 30-14 lead. Talk about a deflated tire. At that point (4 minutes left in the 4th) there was pretty much no way the Bucs would mount an upset. I am pretty sure that was an attempt by the coaches to inspire the men and stir the crowd, but such a risky play at that point in the game... and this point in the season... smacked of desperation.

5) In other NFL news, the Bucs might not hold onto 3rd place after all: Atlanta Falcons actually found a way to win today. Then again, it WAS against Washington...

5a) At this moment, the St. Louis Rams are BEATING THE SAINTS?! ...part of me is hoping this means the Rams are gonna beat the Bucs next week, uh beat Schiano next week (I wanna root for the players, but dammit I want Schiano gone).

5b) I think the Texans pretty much locked up the top overall pick right about now.

5c) I'm kinda rooting for the Raiders and the Titans right now, just so the Bucs' draft position improves a bit. That doesn't make me a bad person, does it?

6) In other news, I really need to find out if AAA handles flat tires.

Anything else anyone wants to add, please use the comments below.


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