Daily Bucs Links: Blitzing and stunting

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

All the Tampa Bay Buccaneers news.

Leavitt excited for return to Tampa with 49ers | Tampa Bay Times
Heh, didn't realize he was with San Francisco.

Bucs have NFL's biggest 2nd-half dropoff | Tampa Bay Times
No one's surprised.

Bucs announce 49ers game is officially sold out
Huh. Unexpected, but cool.

Lookahead: Bucs vs. 49ers
Early preview.

(AUDIO) Greg Schiano: We Blitz Because We Don’t Have the Personnel to Line Up with Just Four « CBS Tampa
As we've said over and over again: this is Schiano's defense.

Schiano Agrees Bucs Defense Is Helping Team's Turnaround -Pewter Report
It's doing well, recently.

Schiano Might Have Saved His Job With Win Over Bills-Pewter Report
No, he hasn't, because there's three more games to be played.

Blake Bortles, the top 10 QB the 2014 NFL Draft needs - SBNation.com
Possibility for the Bucs.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 14 Quick Reads
Mike Glennon didn't have a good game.

[Video] Bucs Rewind vs. the Bills | Buccaneers.com
This is fun.

The Post-Mortem, Week 14: EJ Manuel just wanted to go to Epcot - SBNation.com
And instead, he went to...Tampa?

Mike Shanahan preparing to start Kirk Cousins over RGIII, per report - SBNation.com
Shanahan don't care, Shanahan fired anyway.

PFT Commenter's Week 14 NFL Awards: Be careful what you say, Andrew Siciliano can hear you - SBNation.com
PFT commenter is great.

NFL roundup: Sean Lee has no structural damage, Adrian Peterson likely doesn't need surgery - SBNation.com
Hurray, good players who won't be out with injury.

NFL investigation on Miami bullying situation won't be complete until 2014 - SBNation.com
So...a month?

Officiating issues taking away from playoff race - SBNation.com
Eh, bad calls happen.

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