Glennon vs Freeman

As you clicked the link to read this you were probably thinking one of two things:

  1. "Glennon is OUR man!"
  2. "Not another person comparing Glennon to Freeman...ugh!"

Let me start by saying this isn't a comparison of Glennon to Freeman. This post is my position on why comparing Glennon to Freeman isn't a valid assessment when judging Glennon on whether or not he can be our future at the quarterback position. From reading my comments on other stories, you may already know my postion about the former and now current quarterback. I was a Freeman supporter when he was here and have been a Glennon judger since he has taken the helm.

Freeman was once selected to be our "franchise" quarterback. He was going to lead us to many winning seasons and Super Bowl victories. He had all the right physical measurables so losing wasn't an option.

As we all know, Freeman wasn't our "franchise" quarterback. While some drives he led left you in awe, some left you covering your eyes in sheer horror. Inconsistency was the bane of Freeman's tenure as a Buccaneer. As fans, we never knew which Freeman you would get in a game.

Now we are comparing Glennon to Freeman. Statistically, Freeman had a nice season and has several records in the Buccaneers' record books. But how much since does it make to compare the guy we have as our current quarterback to a guy who couldn't hack it as our quarterback?

"As long as he's better than Freeman" doesn't mean we will have a successful quarterback in Glennon. It's quite bothersome that Freeman has become the baseline for which fans measure Glennon. Wouldn't it make more sense to measure Glennon against a successful NFL quarterback? He's drawn comparions to Matt Ryan and while the jury might still be out on Ryan as a successful NFL quarterback, he's had a lot better track record in the NFL than Freeman has. If you want the best quarterback possible, why not judge Glennon against someone who has been successful? The only other way I would want to judge ANY quarterback is to what's available during the offseason. If there is someone via the draft, free agency or trade that makes sense and upgrades our position, you do it.

Another myth I want to debunk. Just because there are fans who are critical of Glennon, doesn't mean we hate him. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I want Glennon to prove to be a successful NFL quarterback so the Buccaneers can improve in other areas of need. I don't want Glennon to fail because that means my team fails. I don't like losing and I am sure many of you don't either. I am in the "he has the rest of the season" wagon as far as Glennon is concerned. I want him to show consistency and improvement. If these things happen and there aren't any clear upgrades this offseason, we roll with Glennon and I am okay with that.

So please, can we stop with the useless comparisons of Glennon vs Freeman? One of them failed and the other still has hope.

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