Can we give Mike Glennon the same patience we gave Josh Freeman?

Yes. I'm going to stir up the pot. I'm tired of the Glennon dismissal and the guy hasn't even completed a full season. But we were holding on to Freeman for dear life throughout his struggles. Remember all the excuses Freeman got from 2011-2013? In 2011 it was his receivers cant get open. Winslow is a cancer. Our offensive line sucks. They cant block. Greg Olsen sucks. Morris wont run the ball with Blount enough. He doesn't have the talent around him. He's still young and he can and will improve. In 2012 the defense sucks. We have no tight end for him. Our o line can't block for him. The system is new for him it will take him time for him to get the system. He's still young he can improve. In 2013 it was his receivers drop too many balls. The o line cant block. He has no TE. Etc..... In my opinion its a bunch of B.S. excuses.

Lots of Freeman supporters were afraid to realize he wasn't going to be the guy because we invested so much around him to be our franchise QB. I get it. In 2010 he showed so much promise. Us Bucs fans have never had a true franchise QB. he was the most physically gifted QB we had ever had. He was like a nice looking car with major mechanical problems. Looks good and you think you can fix it up to get it running the way you want and at times it looks like you are almost there but more problems arise.

Now one of the main excuses that were made as far as Freeman in 2012 was that we didnt have anyone else to replace him. Which was true at the time. I'd rather stick with Freeman over Danny O. But in the 2013 draft we drafted Mike Glennon in the 3rd round just in case Freeman collapsed. Sure enough Freeman did such things. Now that Glennon is our guy (for now) it seems like many fans are either real critical of Glennon because of their dedication to Freeman or because he isn't the immediate impact QB that the 2012 QB class made. I just dont get why people are so critical and down on Glennon but were so patient with Freeman up until 2013? And if you dared to critique Freeman in 2011-2013 you were hit with a barrage of excuses and Freeman hater accusations. Mind you he was in his 3rd, 4th and 5th and final contract year. He wasnt a rookie or second year guy. My expectations were higher for Freeman and justifiably so. Glennon's is not. He's a rookie. He has much lower expectations. But not to some I guess. They hate his "game manager" play. Well let's play a game called "LET'S COMPARE MIKE GLENNON'S FIRST 7 GAMES TO JOSH FREEMAN'S 2010 FIRST 7 GAMES"?? I wasn't even going to compare Glennon's to Freeman's rookie year because Glennon does have better offensive talent around him. So lets play shall we??

Josh Freeman's 2010 season. His greatest season in his career. We all drooled over his stats he put up right? Well how different are they from Mike Glennon's stats from his magical 2010 season? Well lets break them down shall we?

Josh Freeman's 2010 first 7 games

Mike Glennon 2013 first 7 games

115/224 which is a 51% completion pct.

154/248 which is a 62% completion pct.

1533 passing yards,

1535 passing yards

8 TDs

11 TDs

3 Ints

4 Ints

Now one thing that I will say that Freeman has over Glennon in that season that wont show up on the stat sheet is Freeman's comeback ability. He was very clutch in the end and Glennon hasn't shown that yet. But other than that the stats are shockingly similar. Now before you say Glennon has better help on 2010 the Bucs defense was ranked 16th overall. I don't know what the rank was as of the end of the 7th game. However Glennon's defense is currently ranked 15th overall.

So having said that I'm not saying Glennon is the future. I don't know. He does show promise. He is playing better than Freeman was in 2013. So if we could give Freeman a chance after all his ups and downs let at least give Glennon half of a chance? I'm not saying don't try and upgrade at QB if we can. I'm saying lets nit just dismiss Glennon as a career back up. Mind you Glennon is being coached by Schiano and Co. and even throughout all this he is still doing ok. That is saying alot.


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