Stats through week 10

We've played half of the 2013 NFL season folks. Were 1-8 and having a very unfortunate year all around. With all the off field trouble plaguing the Bucs this season lets take a look at some stats through week 10 that focuses more on actual football then the soap opera of a season we've had this year. Stats are for losers right ? Well some stats can be deceiving and can sometimes be spun in different ways to make different points. At the end of the day, we are losers this year so here are some stats on your 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. *All stats according to*


12th ranked total defense

14th ranked passing defense allowing an average of 237 yards per game.

Where is this "no fly zone" we heard of all offseason ? With the addition of Goldson and Revis and rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks and Barron coming into his second season we all expected more from this group, i know i did. its not the bottom of the league but certainly not the "no fly zone" we had expected. 16th in the league in INTs. This secondary has allowed 17 receiving touchdowns which is tied for 22nd in the league. Too much money invested in the secondary to be just "average". maybe they need time to gel ? maybe Revis isnt a hundred percent ? maybe Banks will bounce back and have a great 2014 season ? Maybe...

5th ranked rush defense. no surprise here. Tampa led the league in rush defense last year and contrary to opposing fans who told Sander earlier in the year that he didnt know what he was talking about when he stated that the run D was still strong this year despite losing Bennett and Miller on the line here they are allowing only 3.8 yards per carry. Not a fluke by any means. NY Jets have the number one rush Defense this year.


Heres where looking up these numbers made me want to forget Clowney is draft eligible. honestly we need more help on offense then we think.

31st ranked total offense

188.7 passing yards per game which is good for 30th in the league

146 total points scored or 16.2 points per game which is again good for 31st in the league

5.9 Yards per attempt. ranked 32nd in the league

16th ranked rushing offense with 4.0 yards per carry which is decent considering no Nicks a bad Joseph for most of the year and stop gaps like Carimi getting some playing time. Not to mention the Musclehamster is out for the year and what looked like to be a beast backup RB is also out for the year.

30th in rushing TDs with 2. yes folks just 2 rushing TDS but we've fumbled 5 times which is tied for the 8th highest in the league.

+2 in takeaways

If you hadnt watched a single game this year and just saw these numbers youd probably guess this team isnt competing for the top seed in the nfc come playoff time. Hopefully the Bucs will put up better numbers in the second half of the season so we can have something to look forward to in 2014.

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