How Wrong I Was...

Earlier this year right on the brink of preseason I was bold enough to take my first crack at what I love best writing about the world of sports, and why not a better place than BucsNation? Coming off with my first few articles I decided I was ready to write some season predictions, both stat and game predictions, and boy was I WRONG. I predicted the Bucs to be sitting at an honorable 6-3 at this point beating teams in the clutch improving upon our last season efforts, but man oh man was I wrong. Sitting at 1-8 the Bucs have been clawing just to get their first win of the season, (something I thought would come week one) but they have not given up, seemingly in every game Tampa Bay continues to show competition on the field. Something that should produce winning games, with the talent, and not too difficult schedule the Bucs should be sitting in the playoff hunt but it just did not come together. Earlier this year analysts said this could be the year Tampa breaks out, heck I had them at 9-7. The Bucs are, well the same old Bucs. Can I redeem myself though? Which games can the Bucs still win? Let's take a look at the remaining games left for the Pewter Pirates.

Initial Prediction. "11. FALCONS Part 2. A revenge game for the Bucs in good ole Raymond James Stadium, the Bucs can steal one game from the coasting Falcons at this point. Prediction 23-20 Bucs

New Prediction. 11. FALCONS Part 2. Ugh as I cringe at the statements i made earlier this year of the coasting Falcons I was right about one thing, this is the Bucs revenge game, losing to Atlanta earlier this season Tampa can prove themselves by winning on Sunday. Prediction 16-10 Bucs.

Initial Prediction. "12. LIONS. A bad matchup for the Bucs secondary, playing against Stafford, and Megatron, the Bucs will lose a shoot out with all defensive schemes tossed out the window for both teams. Prediction 35-30 Lions."

New Prediction. Ah, Right again a bad matchup for the Bucs will result in not a shoot-out, but rather a Blow-out Lions coast to this win. Prediction 34- 13 Lions

Initial Prediction. "13. PANTHERS. Tampa's play toy it seems. The Panthers always have trouble against the Bucs and with a better Bucs team and a Panthers team that didn't improve much I see the Bucs easily taking both games again. Prediction 21-19 Bucs."

New Prediction. As the prediction falls flat once again I cannot see the Bucs pulling this game out, to think I called Carolina Tampa's "play toy" is almost comical after the dominance they showcased against us in the first game, now with gaining momentum Carolina is actually playing for something. Prediction 21-10 Panthers.

Initial Prediction. "14 BILLS. A question mark game as no one knows if E.J. Manuel is the next RGIII or just a Tavaris Jackson, so only time will tell, but I will give the Bucs the benefit of the doubt. Prediction 17-13 Bucs."

New Prediction. Actually, I am not going to change much of this prediction, yes E.J Manuel has performed well in some games, he also hasn't thrown for over two-hundred yards since week two, and has not had a more than one passing touchdown in a game. Their defense is stout, but the Bucs can get it done. Prediction 17-13 Bucs.

Initial Prediction. "15. 49ERS. Need I say More? Prediction 35-13 49ers."

New Prediction. YES please say more, the 49ers have greatly underachieved this season, being a heavy NFC championship contender early on the 49ers just have not stayed consistent. Colin Kaepernick took the league by storm, many saying he would be MVP this year and lead San Fran to another deep playoff run, but looking at the stats he had more yards, touchdowns, less interceptions, and a higher Quarterback rating through eight games last year than he has in his nine games this year. Still staying on task though the 49ers should pull it out, but it won't be pretty. Prediction 17-6 49ers.

Initial Prediction. "16. RAMS. Another bad match up for the Bucs, an improving Rams squad will look to the air with their pride and Joy Sam Bradford for another Dice up game. Prediction 24-16 Rams."

New Prediction. I was right about one thing the Rams have been improving which is strange because Kellen Clemens is their Quarterback, instead of the Rams airing it out look for them to balance the attack something they have done well lately leaning heavily on Zac Stacy and the Rams receiving core. This game don't expect to see the Rams have a well oiled running game, as poor as the Bucs are we can stop the run. Prediction 21-17 Bucs.

Initial Prediction. "17. SAINTS. As the last game rolls around the Bucs and Saints might be fighting for a wildcard spot as in my predictions the Bucs would be 9-6 at this point, but already beating the Saints once and now playing in New Orleans, I cannot see the Bucs upsetting the Saints again. Prediction 24-14 Saints."

New Prediction. Those lines basically sum up how wrong I was about the Bucs season "at 9-6 the Bucs would be fighting for a wildcard spot." Maybe not the Bucs but seeing how Carolina has crept up on the division expect the Saints to give it all they have fighting for a playoff spot. Prediction 23-16 Saints.

Initial Prediction. The Bucs will go 9-7 and fight for a playoff spot. 9-7

New Prediction. Tampa sees Greg Schiano go in an abysmal season 3-13

Tell me what you think Tampa will go in the poll below!

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