Ask Field Gulls

Hello Bucs Nation,

Greetings, here, from Field Gulls happy to answer any and all questions you might have about the upcoming game. Here's a brief overview of the team.

We're 7-1.

And we've got a lot of concerns. Our offense played lights-out in the second half last year but has struggled this year with an ailing OL (missing both OTs and the C for long stretches with the remaining OGs the rawest of the bunch).

Our Offense:

Is run-focused with a ZBS OL, a lot of play-action pass and some read-option elements. Marshawn Lynch is the beast and Russell Wilson is the truth. While Sidney Rice wasn't producing at a high level this year (maybe due to a offseason knee issues), his presence will likely be missed and will have to be made up for by increased snaps from Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin.

Our Defense:

Is nominally a 4-3 with a lot of 3-4 elements/personnel. We have three fat guys up front (Bryant, Mebane, McDaniel) and a dedicated rusher called the LEO (Clemons) on early downs with a more rush-oriented DL on passing downs. Former Buc (and former former Seahawk) Michael Bennett is seeing a lot of action and is performing well as both an edge rusher and DT in a variety of situations. The LOB are pretty good too.

Our Coach:

Many were skeptical of him when he first showed up but he's earned a lot of respect from fans. Some people hate him for his upbeat attitude and some people love him for it.

The CLink:

Century Link Field is a beautiful venue with ferocious and dedicated fans (2nd loudest and unaided by vuvuzelas or prompts) situated just south of downtown. It may not be the fanciest (or loudest) stadium anymore but Seattle still has great pride in the HFA it provides.

The Game:

The Seahawks are coming into the game as favorites but the Bucs are as loaded with talent as anyone. Here's hoping for a great injury-free game this Sunday!

P.S. If you'd like to post an Ask Bucs Nation thread at Field Gulls, we'd welcome it. If you aren't already a member of FG and don't want to deal with the 2-day wait, feel free to email Danny at and he'll probably let you in early.

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