Should Have Known This Was Coming: What I Wrote About Glennon's Draft Pick

I just knew it, I didn't want to accept it, I had hoped saner heads and professionalism would prevail... but this is what I wrote during my Draft review back in April:

- - -

Third Round (73rd pick overall) - QB Mike Glennon, NC State

Give me a minute.

(runs outside of the room to scream his damn bloody head off) (runs back to the computer)

Okay, where were we? Oh right. A reach of a pick for QB in the Third Round.

Glennon started out in this draft's early scouting as a relatively high pick, between third or seventh in the QB talent pool. Problem is, this year's QB talent pool is the weakest in NFL history. Being the third-best QB on a D-grade list still means you shouldn't be getting drafted anywhere near Day Two of the 3-Day Draft cycle.

Glennon is coming into the Bucs' roster with the physique of a QB, the arm of a QB, and the scatter-shot accuracy of a blind grandmother. We're talking about a guy who throws above, ahead and behind his WR targets on a regular basis. While some of that may be due to NC State's woeful WR corps - they lead the nation last year in dropped passes by all accounts - Glennon had way too many boneheaded throws to ignore or excuse.

If Glennon's talents sound familiar, it should: he's basically what the Bucs have right now with starter Josh Freeman, whose accuracy is roughly better - he aims like a 47-year-old with a beach towel wrapped over his eyes - and at least has the benefit of being in the NFL for four more years experience.

Why did the Bucs draft Glennon, and why draft him in the Third Round when there were very good chances he'd still be there in the Fourth (or even Fifth) Round? The key is that Coach Schiano scouted this guy out of high school, which explains it as a personal vouch. But why the Third? Was there a serious threat of a QB draft run at that point? Not really. The QB drafting could well have waited until the Fourth Round this year - and it did where four QBs went - and even if another team took Glennon there were still guys like Dysert and Sorensen with near-equal value that the Bucs could have taken and not feel bad.

The Bucs at that point in time had needs at key positions - Tight End (my personal desire as TE lacked depth and needed starter upgrade), Defensive End (depth and pass-rush need), and Defensive Tackle (depth and NT need) - that could have been easily answered in the Third with guys like Damontre Moore, John Jenkins, Corey Lemonier (whom I had at Third in some mocks) or Brandon Williams.

My earliest concern was that Glennon is coming in as "Schiano's Guy" and that given Schiano's ambivalence about Freeman that we were in store for a contested QB controversy that would do nobody any favors (while you can have sensible camp battles at some spots, QB is not one of them). While Sander and Draft Phantom have gone out of their way to soothe concerns there, I'm still not convinced that all it will take is for Freeman to have one bad game and BOOM we're stuck with a starting rookie who has all of Josh's weaknesses (poor accuracy, questionable decision-making) and none of his strengths (veteran experience, good roll-out, being in-sync with the WRs Jackson and Williams).

- - -

And now we're stuck.

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