Sometimes, the best analysis is...

Not looking first at what your team is doing to lose, but what other teams are doing to win.

During this whole hysteria over the past couple weeks, I've had a lot of opportunity to listen to analysis of what other teams and coaches are doing to make their teams successful. I've had opportunity to watch other games and see what other coaches are doing to win. And what I've seen is they're doing what the Bucs are not.

While watching the Patriots-Falcons game this past week, it was quite obvious that Tony Gonzales was getting on a roll late in the game and it was killing the Pats. The in-game adjustment by the coach to put two guys on Tony at the line of scrimmage and essentially never let him leave the 5 yard "hit zone" was nothing but sheer genius by Belichick. He may have used an extra player against Gonzales, but not in coverage, in jamming him at the line and never allowing him to run a route. Like a gunner on a punt team, he was so jammed up he became a non-factor. What do the Bucs do when the game is on the line and we've got to get a stop? Put Revis on Colston? No, they run a zone coverage, or man-to-man with Revis on Kenny Stills. Nobody stopped and said "Hey, we can win this game if we take away certain receiving threats. Let's put Revis on Colston, Safety help over Graham, and make him beat us somewhere else". The lack of this team to adjust their scheme to the talent of their players is horrible.

Look at the situation with Josh Freeman. He has played poorly, but why? Well, listening to what the San Diego Chargers staff is doing right this year with Phillip Rivers, and why he's one of the top QBs in the league right now may shed some light. In a conversation on NFL Network, they talked about how the staff had not just changed the scheme to better suit Phillip Rivers skill set, but they changed the way routes were run to better suit the talent they have at WR as well. The combination routes, option routes, all of it was adjusted to the talent on the team allowing the WRs to get open better and Rivers to find them easier. That wasn't done for Josh, the Bucs just said "Here's our system, get used to it, run it, and be good with it because it's the only system you're going to get with us". Josh failed at that. I can't see Glennon having any more success than Josh because it's the same system. WRs don't just get open, they're isolated one-on-one with a DB and forced to go up and fight for the ball. Often times there are huge mismatches in the secondary, 2 WRs against 4 DBs or 4 WRs against 6 DBs, with no outlet underneath to throw to.

You can also see this by looking at past teams that struggled in much the same way we're struggling now. Look at the Bears a few years ago running Mike Martz offense. The routes were all deep, Cutler needed 4 to 5 seconds for a WR to get open, and he was getting absolutely pummeled. It seriously looked like Cutler may not be "the Guy" to run that offense. Well, maybe nobody could run "that offense" unless they were Kurt Warner with Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk or they have an O-line that can block without holding for 5 seconds every snap.

The 49ers last year didn't force Colin Kaepernick to run the same offense Alex Smith was running, it didn't suit his abilities. The Seahawks made adjustments to Russell Wilson's style as he emerged the starter. Heck, the Falcons completely changed their offenses style when they lost Vick and got Matt Ryan. No way they were going to ask Ryan to run the way Vick did.

So, watching other games, listening to analysis of what other teams have done right has shown me that it's not always the player that was bad or wrong, but often it was not the right coaching for that player. If our current staff can't seem to figure this out, they should probably be swapped out for some coaches that actually understand you have to get the most out of the guys you have so you may have to adjust what you're doing.

Play Revis man up on the best WR on the field. The rest of the D can play zone, I don't care. If you're going to run deep routes all game long, at least find a #3 WR to run underneath when the outside guys clear everyone out (or a TE). Make some adjustments in game to stop what the other team is doing that is working for them. Getting beat by the same thing all game long is no way to win games.

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