Observations of a Bucs/Panthers Game I Barely Paid Attention To Because My Pretty Kitty Is Deathly Sick

I am not in the mood for much frivolity or anger or any of that since I've got serious concerns about my poor cat Tehya.

She's got a lump in her lung that might be cancer. She is definitely not eating and she's unable to properly sleep. She meows in pain now, and there's nothing I can do but pet her and cry.

All I can tell you is this:

1) This was a national embarrassment type of game. Without any other games to distract, the whole of professional football fandom got to tune in and see how bad the USS Schiano is sinking. This was a defense that couldn't stop many drives and let the Panthers offense up by two touchdowns at the half. This was an offense that barely got any drives going and could only make FGs by halftime.

2) From the screaming I saw on the forums and afterward, we didn't even have our best Corner - Revis - shadowing Carolina's best receiver - Smith - for the entirety of the game. That we were, in fact, using a zone coverage pass that 90 percent of the fan base will tell you IS WORTHLESS FOR A MAN COVER TYPE CB LIKE REVIS.

We've got talented players and we're wasting them in the wrong schemes.


3) If the Bye Week wasn't a good enough time to FIRE SCHIANO as had been hoped, this long break before the away game at Seattle is the next best thing. There's more than enough time to Fire Schiano and bring in an interim HC - preferably from the outside, if it's from within it's got to be a coach who SWEARS to adjust the schemes to a better game - to right this mess.

If the Glazers do NOT fire Schiano by this Sunday evening, we are SCREWED as a team and as a fanbase / community, because there won't be any better time to fire this stubborn idiot until season's end. And that will be a huge problem because you're beginning to see it on the field: most of the Bucs players are NO LONGER in the game. They're burning out, losing interest.

They're turning from All-Pro level talents into doubters and haters. It's going to lead to a fractious locker room between coaches vs. players and then players vs. players, and whoever comes in as the next coach is going to have to clean up that huge mess. Firing Schiano now may reduce the potential damage to clean.



Also, really, really, REALLY hug your pets this weekend and tell them you love 'em. :(

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