I might be crazy, but could Gruden be the answer??

Yes I'm going there. I might be a native of Tampa and am naturally biased towards the man who brought us greatness that nobody can ever take away from us. This guy is still living in the Tampa and has connections across the board with an impressive coaching tree relation (instant coach regime installation). This Guy (this guy) has without a doubt the benefit of a doubt when chewing people out, something Schiano completely lacks. He is a tactican who is adjusting constantly and works the schemes to the T.

But why would Gruden ever come back and mend a divorce with HIS former team???

1. Top Pick in the League... He could finally get a brand new Elite ceiling QB, which he never got under Allen. He's been spending alot of time with young QB's on his show "Gruden QB camp" and has shown positive growth.

2. If Dom is retained, that would be a match up like Hell. Dom, hate him if you want and point the finger at him for Schiano, otherwise is doing good with contracts and attracting talent. Allen is everything not Dom.

3. The Talent, baby. Gruden did so much more with so much less. This is a fact. Having a baby Dbrooks, a dual hard hitter backfield, Sapp remake DT, and more consistant Caddy , our rebuild is ripped right from his philosophy book. You cannot deny the resemblance.

4. Make no mistake that the locals absolutely love Gruden. Despite what foreigners or out of stater's think, Tampa will always love Gruden. This is not of question.

5. Tampa is his home man, his family is here. That speaks volumes about his "Buccaneer Man" attitude. He could of ducked out of town and never been heard of again. Just saying.

How does this come to fruition?

Pay the man $10m off the rip. Beg him to come back like you would if you cheated on the mother of your children and needed her back in your sorry ass life.

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