Revised: My Future for the 2014 Tampa Bay Bucs

EDIT: With hindsight and the column by Sander, trading Revis was not an ideal solution. My original point was that if we had a Tampa 2 Zone Coverage DC then Revis would continue to be wasted for the majority of snaps.

Dear BucsNation,

I have been inspired by the post of DraftPhantom in thinking how we can go from the outhouse to the penthouse. My take is simple in that we need a cleanout.

While I have been a fan of Mark Dominik and think that the underutilisation of talent is not his fault, he too is still culpable for the poor performance of our team and lack of depth.

To start, there needs to be a new General Manager - my tip is Ray Farmer, currently with Cleveland after stints with the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons. He has had success wherever he has been, with two SB runners-up and a revitalised Browns.

There does need to be a new HC and while there are many options, I am more in favour of an offensive mind. The best choice has to be Greg Roman from the 49ers. His utilisation of Kaepernick and ability to change schemes midseason without disruption are strong reasons why he could be the future. This hire makes more sense when you consider the second best QB prospect in the draft- Marcus Mariota. He has the size, speed and skill of Colin, meaning a headstart in the implementation of a suitable system.

However, a rookie Head Coach needs (in my opinion) experienced hands around him. Farmer and Roman have links to Capers and Reeves, which means that Chan Gailey is a viable Offensive Coordinator. His knowledge and expertise will be invaluable to Roman as he takes his first steps. Further to this are my choice of Bill Musgrave, soon to be fired from the Vikes, as QB Coach. Bill has been a QB coach of Michael Vick, another dual threat in one of his finest seasons.

Then a Defensive Coordinator who can utilise this talent. We need to use more man-coverage concepts, while sticking to a 4-3 Base. Dennis Allen has managed to make the Raiders respectable despite their cap and talent woes. He does use more Cover 1 and man coverage concepts. This would allow Dashon to be that centre-field/rangy safety with Barron more of a run-stopper, blitzer or in coverage. Allen also has links to Farmer through their time together in Atlanta when he was a defensive assistant and quality control.


Davin Joseph and Jeremy Zuttah should be prime candidates for a restructured contract. Both are making far more money than they are worth, with no guarantees left on their deals.


Adrian Clayborn and Gerald McCoy are vital cogs to our defense. Both are off contract in 2015 and should be retained without risk of the open market.


Deveron Carr - CB - 1 year

Andrew Economos - LS - 2 years

Danny Gorrer - CB - 1 year

Adam Hayward - LB - 2 years

Jamon Meredith - G - 1 year

Dekota Watson - LB - 2 years


Michael Johnson - DE - An accomplished starting edge rusher starting to hit the prime of his career. Will be expensive, but not retained by the Bengals due to cap constraints and drafting of Margus Hunt. Will be the blue chip player that this D-Line needs to take that next step as a massive upgrade over existing players not named Clayborn.

Josh Morgan - WR - A WR who was working well with Roman in 2011 until injury struck. He was then given an inflated contract by the Redskins, which has unsurprisingly not panned out. He can play the slot position or play outside with V-Jax stepping inside.

Brandon Tate - WR - A chance to compete for that slot position with Morgan and existing players. Becomes the kick and punt returner.

Michael Robinson - FB - A strong veteran for Seattle over the past few seasons. Able to lead block, carry or catch the ball.

Chris Kluwe - P - Cheap veteran punter that will allow the team to save over 2 million against the cap. No doubt Koenen is good, but not $3 mil.

Eben Britton - OT/G - Cheap veteran player who can play LG, RG and RT.


Round 1 Pick 2 - Marcus Mariota - QB - Oregon. If this pick happens, then it only solidifies the HC, OC and QB Coach selections. He is the face of the franchise for the next decade if he lives up to his potential. His ability to beat teams with his arm and legs will have fans enjoying the style of football in San Fran, Seattle, Washington and as we saw yesterday in Carolina. Mariota, from my point of view, has the natural tools and the work ethic to make himself thrive.

Round 2 Pick 1 - Austin Sefarian-Jenkins - TE - Washington. Athletic TE who can work the middle, stretch the field and block. While his numbers are down from last season, his playmaking ability speaks for itself and gives the team a missing element to help Mariota.

Round 4 Pick 1 - Rashaad Reynolds - CB - Oregon State - An athletic, intelligent player experienced in man coverage who can man the dime slot position in his rookie year. Upside to become a nickel or even starting corner.

Round 5 Pick 2 - Austin Wentworth - OL - Fresno State - A solid backup tackle/guard, who can play four spots on the line. Probably more suited to RT than LT, but Dotson has the ability to switch to the blindside.

Round 7 - Jonotthan Harrison - C - Florida - A local product who can play all three interior line positions.

My belief is that with a vibrant offensive system and new GM, HC and franchise QB - this team is not far from the playoffs. Of course there is still a long way to go in the season, with many turns still remaining in the GM and Coaching hires for 2014.

Either way Bucs fans, with some astute hires and acquisitions this team can rebuild the hopes and dreams of this disappointing season for a stronger tomorrow.

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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