The Two Month Bucs Rant

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I would like to start off by saying, I am truly sad at how little time I have to get on here as of late. Some of you may know that I live in Washington State and there is nothing but cocky Seattle Seahawks bandwagon fans and it just makes me sick. So, because of that, I just have to sit and take criticism about the oh and sux Bucs and say what I feel is going on and all my opinions. With that being said, I want to write this about everything Bucs that I have seen this season whether that be good or bad. Lets be honest though, there isn't much good in a 0-6 team.

"Josh, you are a Free Man."

I'm going to start off by talking about the big Josh Freeman move. I think this was a terrible move. Freeman isn't great, but as we have seen, neither is Mike Glennon. I feel like we cut loose a bunch of dead money, experience, and talent. I don't care about the awkwardness of the situation, I still don't think Freeman should have been released. I don't think that Glennon should have taken over at all to be honest. To me Glennon is a less experienced, frightened little pocket puppy, Josh Freeman. He has no internal clock of when it is a bad idea to just stand there, or when he should tuck the ball and take a sack(as shown today with the fumble). Glennon and Freeman seem like the exact same quarterback as far as decision making, arm strength, and accuracy. The biggest difference for me is that Freeman knows the offense, knows the NFL, and has a understanding of how to close a game out. Yeah, Freeman was doing pretty poorly down the stretch, but the offensive line was pretty bad, penalties were killer, and Doug Martin hasn't really hit his stride. Lastly, Free had his ups and downs but he didn't deserve the circus act that was created around him. It makes me sick the way that the situation was handled.

Moving on is not so hard:

Now, the subject that everyone is talking about, Myron Lewi... Just kidding. Greg Schiano is bad. I don't mean college bad, I mean high school bad. He cant control his players, he cant put together a good game plan, he just cant coach. If you were wondering, "does it look as bad as it does for me, for everyone else?" Than yes. It started with the "TOES ON THE LINE" which lead to the wonderful victory formation, and now gives us the you didn't get sick here, you do drugs, you are my quarterback (stops, turns around and whispers, "get Glennon ready to start") and we will stick behind you. Its all bull. His authoritarian ways will be laughed at for years to come. He made this team look like a joke. A team full of good players and pro bowlers is now a oh and sux(patent pending) team. Thank you Greg Schiano. Thank you so much. Enjoy unemployment. Thanks for the 53 Rutgers players.

Who is next?

I honestly don't have a opinion on who the Bucs should hire to replace Schiano, but I really hope it is a coach with experience coaching at the NFL level over a decent amount of time. Someone who was or is successful. Please and thank you Glazers.

The management in general:

As far as Mark Dominik goes, keep him. I don't care that this is a losing team. This team is losing because they keep making stupid mistakes, most of the time at least. This team has talent. A lot of it. Its just being used poorly and that is not Mark's fault.

The $1 million a game man:

As far as the "Darrelle is being underutilized" argument, I tend to agree. The perfect example happened in the Atlanta game where Darrelle Revis was covering Drew Davis(had to look that up) for the whole first half while Harry Douglas, a decently well known WR, was terrorizing rook Jon Banks and Leonard Johnson for 8 receptions 140 yards and a score. Its hard to watch 1 million dollars be spent on covering Drew Davis who wouldn't have been in any coaches game plan if it wasn't for both Rhoddy and Julio being out, then again, Schiano probably doesn't make game plans, he probably just practices his bull press conferences all day while the players practice dropkicking receivers and how to lineup wrong on the line.


Fun. As of the past few weeks I decided to start wearing my referee jersey that I have on Monday and sometimes during the Bucs games. Its that bad people. Its kind of not even a surprise anymore. Penalties lost the Jets game for sure and they have played a big part in most of the others. To the Wide Receivers, stop getting false start penalties! YOU CAN SEE THE BALL! WAIT UNTIL IT IS SNAPPED! To the linemen and skill position players that are supposed to be lining up on the line of scrimmage, ARE YOU FRICKEN BLIND? IT IS NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE! CENTERS BELT OR ON THE BALL! GET IT RIGHT! FUNDAMENTALS! And lastly, to the defense. Although we all love those hits a little, it hurts a lot more. The rules are kind of sad but its the way it is. Learn, adjust, think before you clobber someone.

What's wrong with Doug Martin?

Talking about that made me a little queasy. So, lets move onto something else that has just been wonderful. The running game. Doug Martin(get well soon) has not been able to hit his stride. I don't blame it all on him. Shoot, I can think of blame for just about everyone on the offense. The point of attack is a joke for the linemen. If there is ever any push, its on the wrong side of the play and Doug is already being tackled. Glennon is struggling to get positioning of the handoff right. That's kind of important Mike. Another Mike, Mike Sullivan, mix it up a little. Don't just run the same plays from the same formations over and over. Try some good pitches, delayed hand offs, and even though it isn't a run, if the defense is bringing heat 24/7, it would be a good idea to call a screen to throw them off and make them respect the line of scrimmage.

Receivers and Tight Ends:

CATCH THE BALL. YOU ARE PAYED TO DO SO. Yes Vincent Jackson, this goes out to you as well.

The Good:

Other than the dropsies, good job VJax. Good job defense for at least giving it your all for most of the games. Kudos to LaVonte David because he is a beast and deserves a pro bowl appearance at this pace. Good job Michael Koenen on those kickoffs. Good job on those blitzes from the linebacker position. Getting a good amount of sacks. What else? I like what our water boys are doing out there. Great huss guys!


I cant see DaQuan Bowers sticking much longer if he doesn't start producing. On two starts and 6 appearances he has a grand total of..... wait for it..... 3 tackles. 3. Yes that was correct. 3. No sacks, forced fumbles, nothing. This was the Schiano double digit sack machine that the NFL wasn't ready for. Akeem Spence was a nice addition. I like Means a lot. Clayborn and GMC are studs. David is a madman. Foster has improved. I like the sharing of the weak side linebacker between Watson and Casillas, but there is always room for improvement. Revis is still Revis. Banks has looked shaky but he is a rookie so I will cut him some slack. Hopefully by next year he is ready to show up big. Goldson and Barron are scary hard hitting but in this day and age it doesn't matter much. Both are really good so we are set there. Wish we didn't axe Ahmad Black. Really thought he was a solid 3rd safety. Leonard Johnson, Danny Gorrer, and Anthony Gaitor still show good potential but once again, always room for improvement. I hope the Bucs are able to get another DE that can create a pass rush and still be a force to reckon with in the run and no, I don't want Jadeveon Clowney because he seems off and on and a little overhyped for one monster of a hit.


Starting at quarterback. I don't like Mike Glennon. People can say "he is improving game by game" or that "he didn't throw a pick in the Atlanta game" but he did give up a fumble for a touchdown and it was a one possession game. I don't think we improved by cutting Free. I think there was so much more talent that could have been acquired in the third round instead of Glennon, who I think was a reach. Doug is solid. Mike James looks talented and Jeff Demps adds that pizzazz. I like Leonard but he is probably just a stopgap for the learning curve of Mike James and Doug Martin and he went to, you guessed it, Rutgers. Erik Lorig will always have a place in my heart. The tight ends are kind of up and down for me. Tim Wright flashes and then misses a block and drops a pass and then I hate him all over again. Tom Crabtree cant stay on the field. Luke Stocker should be gone after this year because of his lack of production and constant injury status. VJax and Mike Williams #19 are here for the long term. Chris Owusu flashes just like Wright, then lets me down. Tiquan Underwood is here because Rutgers, fast, hair, and did I mention hair? Page interested me and I hope he stays and can become a receiving threat and not just a returner.

The O-line gets their own rant section:

Because I was always a offensive lineman, it always irks me when I can point out mistakes in a pros game. I quit in high school because I had a shoulder that resembled Danny Amendola, or as I call him, Danny Glassmendola, but I shouldn't be able to say, "oh that was terrible footwork" or "your point of attack is just dreadful!" Its sad for me to say but Davin Joseph is looking like the biggest concern. I cant help but notice the amount of penetration defensive tackles are getting on Joseph. Maybe the blocking scheme should have them doubled or he was relying on help from Jeremy Zuttah or Demar Dotson but he seems to get beat often. Donald Penn should be a right tackle. His strong suits would make him a good right tackle, but Dotson isn't ready in pass rush protection to make the switch to the left. Other than that, Dotson just needs to work on his lining up legally. Fundamentals. I wasn't a big fan of the Gabe Carimi guard experiment but I do like having Ted Larsen at center and Zuttah over at left guard. Would like to see Carl Nicks and his fat contract get healthy and get out there and start making pro bowl plays. I don't see Penn and Joseph making it through cuts if there are cap problems because they seem replaceable i.e. Ted Larsen, Gabe Carimi.

What there is left to look forward to this year:

Coming into the season I thought the Bucs had a 10-6 or 9-7 record in them, right now, I am thinking that they can maybe squeak out two or three victories, but any given Sunday any team can win. Maybe the Bucs can get a few more, but that is only if their opponents have as bad a penalty day as them, manage to turn the ball over a decent amount, decide not to stack the box, blitz, and throw to the receiver covered by Jon Banks(sorry rook but you are getting picked on).

Looking further ahead:

Goodbye Schiano. Hello top 5 pick! I can hear the cries for a new quarterback after only one year! But I hope we draft Jake Matthews, or another offensive tackle that is playing at a instant starter level. Then go defensive line in the second(bad history with this position in this round). Third is gone. Fourth, try to get a solid potential player at WR, CB, LB, DE, OG, OT, TE, QB(why not), or heck, get a cheap punter! From there on just get some gems Dominik. Im counting on you!

Well, I hope to be on more but it all depends on schooling and other stuff. Goodbye for now fellow BucsNation'ers!

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