Mr. Glazer, Here's Your First Call

Mr. Glazer, if you haven't heard, your fan base is really, really over Mr. Schiano! It would be extremely difficult to find ANYONE still willing to give this guy a chance. Football aside, he is a P.R. nightmare. In laymans terms: a dick, dickhead, douche bag, numb skull, etc., etc.

Your Offensive and Defensive Coordinators aren't any better. Maybe slightly less dickheaded than Schiano but they should not be on the payroll at One Buc Place next year. EVERYONE on the planet knows this. I shall assume you do, too. So now is the time to begin your search for the next coach. Well, there may be an interim coach to finish the season, at least there should be. Wannstedt comes to mind. He is the only coordinator on the team not considered completely incompetent and douche baggy. I think he is generally well-liked. Now don't get me wrong. He is not the man for the job in 2014. Just maybe he should take us to the finish line this season. Assuming you ARE sharpening the axe now. Bring on the Turk with the black hood! It's head chopping time!

So please allow me to offer one fine suggestion. His name: Greg Manusky. His phone number: (317) 555-HELP. Ok, that may not be the actual number. But that is an Indianapolis area code. Did you see the game tonight between the Colts and the Broncos. Yes, the mighty Broncos have been slain. The Colt's defense was outstanding. They played a lot of man. You know, that thing Schiano refuses to do with his shutdown corner and stud DB's. They made Peyton Manning look inept. Oh yeah, they also beat the 49ers convincingly and beat the Seahawks by a touchdown. They are what you might call...a well-coached team.

Greg Manusky is a man with a future. When their head coach found out he had cancer the first month of the 2012 season, the assistant coaches rallied the troops and had an inspirational season. Manusky helped bring a team that won only 2 games the previous year to the playoffs with an 11-5 record. And he switched the defense from a 4-3 to a hybrid 3-4, with Freeney and Mathis playing a different position than they had played their whole career. The defense posted some pretty good numbers. And they are poised to improve on that this year. Bruce Arians, the 2012 Offensive Coordinator of the Colts and Interim Coach while Pagano was undergoing treatment for Cancer, got his promotion by becoming Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Now maybe 2014 is the time for Manusky.

Greg Manusky began his pro football coaching career at, of all places, Tampa Bay. That's right, he started with the Buccanners in 2000 as a volunteer linebackers and special teams coach during training camp. Oh, the Dungy Tree. He then went to the Redskins as linebackers coach in 2001. Then 5 years as linebackers coach with San Diego. Then he was Defensive Coordinator for the Niners for 4 season, 2007-2010. Then back to San Diego as Defensive Coordinator for the 2011 season. So that's 7 years of experience as a Defensive Coordinator- on pretty good teams. In comparison, your own Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan only had 1 year of experience as an NFL Defensive Coordinator prior to coming to Tampa. Those 2009 Giants were ranked 30th in defensive yardage allowed and were 24th in turnover differential. Definitely not a stellar resume. And, of course, your Offensive Coordinator had 0 experience as a play caller prior to Tampa Bay.

So Mr. Glazer, PLEASE bring someone with REAL NFL experience next time. Maybe Greg Manusky is not the man. But he represents the type of coach you should be looking for. No more college coach experiments please. It just doesn't work. See Chip Kelly. Also see Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier. Kindly disregard Jimmy Johnson. Unless you can somehow coax him out of his cushy TV job (Not Going To Happen!!!). Forget Cowher and Lovie and all of those guys. People forget all the bad years those guys had. Lovie could never get an offensive line together. Cowher couldn't figure the quarterback thing out for over a decade. I'm sorry but I don't have that much patience.

So let me give you a list- I want to make sure you don't forget any of these points:

1. START LOOKING NOW!!! (sorry for yelling)

2. Make sure your guy has ACTUAL Coordinator experience

3. Let's hire a guy with more than a .504 record

4. I can't believe I have to say this- DON'T HIRE A DICKHEAD!!! (sorry, again. please forgive me)

5. Let's not swing the pendulum back to a 'Rah' era (some discipline is needed- seems you have a propensity to overcompensate)

6. Make sure the guy is intellectually up to the task (doesn't need to see the tape always before commenting)

7. Make sure the guy has a tangible, workable plan than can win NOW- the talent is already here (hire a consultant, say Jimmy Johnson, to do the interviewing so that you know the candidate is qualified)

We know you can do this. Manchester United is an excellent team. But football is a complicated sport that requires a great deal of strategic planning and inventiveness to be successful at the highest level. No more dopes please. Dominik should not be doing the hiring here. He should be on a short leash. Bring in a football genius to do the X's and O's part of the interview. You have a wonderful fan base who's patience has run extremely thin after the last half a decade. Please reward them with a real winner this time. Your efforts will not go without reward. If you succeed, we will buy plenty of merchandise and fill your glorious stadium. The cake is already baked. We just need you to pick out the icing.

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