Observations of the "Why You Go Breaking My Heart" Bucs/Falcons Disappointment 10/20/13 with poll

1) I honestly just flew back in from New York City this morning, and boy are my arms... ah... AW SCREW IT FIRE SCHIANO!

2) What does it say about a game where the Bucs were facing a team having as bad a season as we were... and we basically fall behind by two touchdowns by the middle of the second quarter? It was enough to sit back on the bed and groan "That's it game over."

I do have to give it to the players though, the ones who kept trying their damnest to win today. For all the flaws on offense - poor run blocking, dropped passes, boneheaded penalties - and on defense - sloppy pass coverage, the terrible boneheaded penalties - and on special teams - Koenen? Even you, my punter? - there were signs that the Bucs were trying, really trying.

2a) Vincent Jackson did everything he could to make sure he stayed a viable fantasy league player with two touchdowns including a monster-scary-good one-handed catch and TD sprint in the Second Quarter.

2b) Lavonte David tackling every Falcon he could. Same goes for Gerald McCoy.

2c) For being a rookie with accuracy issues, Mike Glennon IS showing signs of improving.

2d) Doug Martin earning a football player's equivalence of a Purple Heart doing his best trying to run when opposing defenses are lining up 9 guys in the box,

3) But if anything highlights the Bucs woes so far this season, it's this series during one of the drives of the 4th Quarter. Down 31-17, the Bucs start putting together a textbook decent drive getting into range of the end zone. Glennon makes a throw to WR Ticquan Underwood for an apparent TD, but it gets nullified due to a holding penalty on Davin Joseph. The Bucs recover and drive into a 1st-and-Goal at the 5 yard line. The Bucs promptly get penalized again on another holding call knocking them back to the 15. On the next play Jackson gets called on a facemask penalty, knocking it back 15 more yards to where it was 1st-and-Goal on the 30. Bucs end up going for a field goal, which does nothing to erase the huge lead the Falcons already had.

3a) In short, PENALTIES KILLED THIS TEAM. AGAIN. And it was the Bone-headed ones - the personal fouls, the intentional grounding, the illegal use of a sewing machine - that highlighted everything wrong with the Bucs.

4) It didn't help that for all the good players on the field, the Bucs are still woefully undertalented at key spots. Much can be said about the patchwork Offensive line, but the secondary that was supposed to have been improved has still been giving up too many yards, too many catches, too many scores. Rookie Johnthan Banks in particular got picked on all day.

5) Other thing that hurt the Bucs? Schiano is still coaching it.

And it's looking like the Bucs are gonna wait a little longer. With this a short week as Tampa Bay travels to Carolina for a Thursday night matchup, it's very unlikely the Bucs ownership will fire Schiano and bring in a different coach with only three days to prep the team. But if the team loses this Thursday night - and especially if Freeman wins in spectacular fashion with the Vikings this Monday night - then Schiano ought to NEEDS TO get the boot out of One Buc Place.

That's all I gotta say at the moment.

Schiano Delenda Est #FireSchiano

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