Bucs next move

Three seasons ago, the Buccaneers were considered a top threat in the NFL and were expected to make playoffs the next year after just missing them in the 2010 season. But, as most good things in Tampa do, all those hopes came to a premature end which was the opening to Greg Schiano's term in Tampa.

Up until the Week 3 game vs. the Patriots, I have been a firm believer in Greg and believed that he would be the man to get us on track to make the playoffs. But alas I was strongly mistaken. Now the Buc's are faced with a 0-4 record, major controversy and just utter ugliness which has now plagued the entire organisation.

The Mike Glennon topic makes me curious, for the first half last week it was obvious that the Buccaneers were calling simple routes to get Mike in the swing of things. But he showed me get promise even though he throw 1 stupid interception and, lets be honest, the second one was unlucky. It's amazing how the NFL works though isn't it. If Lavonte David hadn't shoved Geno Smith the Buc's would be 1-0, if that damn Ryan Lindell slotted through that field goal against the Saints, we would be 2-0. Josh Freeman would be our quaterback and all the troubles surrounding the Buccaneers wouldn't exist.

Now onto the subject of how the Buccaneers move foward. It's simple, and it starts in the bye week:

  1. Fire Greg Schiano. Simple but effective.
  2. Release Josh Freeman. Cut's off all drama.
  3. Sign a coach who has experience in the NFL as a head coach, unlike Morris or Schiano. See below*
  4. Evaluate the defense, and RUN MORE MAN! Let Revis Island be, Revis Island!
  5. Build around Mike Glennon, I am not prepared to waste another high draft pick on a QB in a weak draft class.
  6. And finally... The change of direction, will without a shadow of a doubt win us games.

Simple, I KNOW! But, the Glazers just don't see it I guess.

And nothing will change in Tampa if they do, but I will stand by my Buc's.
*Back to the head coaching role, I have three options in my head.
Mike Zimmer, DC Cincinnati Bengals, Norv Turner, OC Cleveland Browns and Lovie Smith, Former HC Chicago Bears. Mike-zimmer_medium


Mike Zimmer would have orgasms over the Tampa Bay defense. Yes the Bengals defense is relatively strong, but has no where as near the talent out Buc's D has. Norv-turner-again21-590x354_medium


Norv Turner is on the list because he has a lot of experience, and he is an offensive minded coach. We have struggled on offense and will Norv I believe it is possible to resurrect it. Don't forget, Vincent Jackson used to be coached by Norv, So maybe Turner will bring out the best in V-Jax and Williams. Lovie_medium


Lovie Smith should never have been fired. I believe anyways, he brought this team too a 10-6 record and barely missed playoffs, in my eyes thats a miracle considering the Bears had a Pop Warner of an O-Line, 1 good reciever and a inconsistent quarterback. The defense had holes as well, but was held together by a hungry secondary. Imagine what he could do with the talent on our team.
In a perfect world, we would sign Lovie Smith as head coach, Norv Turner as OC and Mike Zimmer as DC. But that's being greedy, I would take either of them as Head Coach over Greg Schiano....

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