Observations Of The "Schiano Delenda Est" Firing Watch Bucs/Eagles 10/13/13 Disaster with poll

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1) I went and made a CafePress store for a #FireSchiano t-shirt if anyone wants to waste $20 or so. It'd be lucky for all of us but bad business for me if the Glazers realize that enough is enough and that it's time alright to FIRE KIFFIN, uh FIRE SCHIANO.

1a) If the reports be true that Schiano IS the source of the story leak about Freeman's drug treatment program - which turned out to be treatment for ADHD - then the Glazers have a good reason to cut Schiano now. The reports have it that Schiano openly discussed Freeman's medical condition - which was supposed to be confidential - with other Bucs players and coaches: this is a breach of confidentiality and a breach of etiquette. How can anyone trust this guy for anything if he's unable to keep any trust?

1b) And alongside all this are the ongoing reports of dangerous infections bouncing between various Bucs players, bad enough that a private hazmat team had to come in to verify the all-clear (otherwise the game could have been cancelled!).

2) In the meantime, the Bucs had to play a game today. Against an Eagles team that had a decent offense and a bad defense, playing a Bucs team with a bad offense and a decent defense.

The Bucs played well enough on offense to scoring 20, the highest they've been so far this year. Which of course wasn't enough to match the Eagles going 31 points against a Bucs defense that stayed in the game most of the time except for various glaring defensive miscues.

2a) The biggest screaming going around the forums here has been the ridiculously weak defensive scheming the team has been putting the players into. The front defensive line using stunts half the time, tying up any blitzing chances our pass defense could muster (and they came so close so many times today). The defensive backfield playing a kind of zone package where CB Darrelle Revis is mis-used, and worse of all forcing the Safeties Mark Barron and Dashon Goldson to play out of position and failing to cover on between-the-hashmarks pass attempts. Ronde Barber was announcing this game for FOX Sports, and he'd point out the coverage miscues on each of the damaging Eagles TD throws that made our prized secondary look like tertiary characters.

2b) And this was against a young QB - Nick Foles - whose only two wins in the league so far have been against the Bucs. How's that for embarrassing the D?

2c) As for the offensive mistakes... well thankfully this game there weren't many. EXCEPT FOR THE GODDAMN PENALTIES CAUSED BY AN UNDISCIPLINED UNIT. /headdesk

2d) For every big Doug Martin running bust-out that made you scream DOUGGERNAUT, there were five run plays where Martin had a pile of bodies and no room to escape. This is getting frustrating that the blocking has not improved and that the running plays not better disguised or executed.

2e) The biggest, best surprise was the revelation that TE Tim Wright could actually play TE... and that our offensive coordinator actually had playcalls designed to work the TE. But what does it tell you that the best offensive improvement seen this season still didn't help with getting more TDs?

3) Right now, the only reason to tune into watch a Bucs game is to see if Schiano gets punched out by an opposing coach if he ever calls a rush blitz on another team's Victory snaps.

3a) Or if Schiano gets struck by a bolt of lightning.

3b) If I were ESPN and I've got the Bucs/Dolphins Monday Nighter game on schedule (Week 10, Nov. 11th), I'd be doing everything in my power to trade it over for the Broncos at Chargers matchup.

4) On the bright side, Pittsburgh won today leaving the Tank For Teddy sweepstakes between the Giants, the Jaguars, and the Bucs.

4a) Although to be fair, the Bucs may prefer getting help on the Offensive Line more than another rookie QB.

5) In other NFL news, The Kansas City Chiefs are unbeaten. It IS possible to go from 2-14 to BADASS.

5a) Game's not over yet but the Broncos are up on the Jags, so there's another unbeaten team left. At least the Jags are refusing to go down by the 28 point spread Vegas laid on them.

5b) Remember the one year everyone griped about the NFC West having a 7-9 team make the playoffs? We're now looking at the NFC East pulling that feat this year, although Philly may yet get better.


6a) Of course that's not gonna last for South Florida. Bulls win despite having one of the worst passing attacks in all of college football. That's not gonna hold up against Louisville in two weeks. But still, it was pretty to see a win streak.

6b) There is something seriously F-CKED with our geography maps if Missouri is in the SEC EAST division. Dear universities: STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE. Even third graders know the difference. MAKE GEOGRAPHIC SENSE YOU FOOLS.

7) In baseball news, we want to see the Boston Red Sox flame out so badly that it crimps them next season, allowing the 2014 Rays - including David Price who gets surprisingly re-signed to a decent contract extension - to win 102 games and reach the 2014 World Series beating the Pirates 4 games to 3 in an instant Fall Classic.

8) In hockey news, Martin St. Louis is a BOSS. No, literally, he's team Captain and richly deserved. Here's seeing if the Lightning can reach the Stanley Cup so he can hoist it in a heartwarming moment for the ages.


10) Next week: the possibility of watching a Bucs game where pigeons converge on Schiano and honor him with a 50-bird poop salute. Even inside an indoor stadium.

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