10 ways to FIRE SCHIANO!

Before this season, I would have made outrageous bets with anyone that the Bucs would have made the playoffs for the first time since the Gruden era. Now, 6 weeks in I'm starting to think about the possibilities of not even winning a game. The best looking game left on our schedule is against the Rams, and look what they just did to the Texans. Maybe we'll get a free win from the Saints backups in week 17. Anyway, throughout the offseason I argued that the Bucs could make a case for the most complete team in the NFL. The pieces were there. So what happened? During the preseason we looked like a joke, but it was preseason, our starters weren't really playing much. Then week 1 came and we lost to the Jets by a last second field goal, but it was okay- we just needed to fix the penalties. After week 2, all I could say was, "Man, we had that game. But stupid penalties took back turnovers and TDs and bad play calling at the end cost us the game. Once we get those fixed we can beat any team. I mean, we just held the Saints to 16!" Now, 4 weeks later, the penalties still come frequently, and we still have some of the worst play calling and use of talents in the NFL. With Josh Freeman in Minnesota, the only place to put the blame is on the coaching, but Greg Schiano still needs to look at the tape. With that, I give you 10 ways to fire Greg Schiano (or things to do with him before he gets fired):

1. Freeman could come back to Tampa and endorse Schiano as the head coach. After a week of endorsement, he could fire him.

2.We could travel to Arizona, and put Schiano in at running back to run 50 times against their front 7. Also, after each tackle, Dashon Goldson could come flying in late (unnoticed by the refs of course).

3. Have Legarrette Blount come in and tell Schiano he can keep his job if he can tackle Blount at all.

4. We could think about releasing him but instead bring Lawrence Tynes and Carl Nicks in and give him MRSA. Twice. After that, our only option is to put him on the NFI list.

5. Have Tiquan Underwood come in and cut him, resign him, and then cut him again.

6. Have the Saints do it, they always seem to beat Schiano.

7. Have him watch every single one of his press conferences without a break; he'll go insane thinking he's watching the same video on repeat.

8. Have Bill Belichick take him to dinner, where he calmly explains to Schiano that not only is he fired, but they also can no longer be friends. Man that'd be devastating.

9. Bring the current Rutgers OLine and put him against the Cowboys, Cardinals, and Giants (all on the field at the same time) and he could run the QB kneel against all three blitzing defenses. If he keeps the ball, he keeps his job.

10. Wait for him to get arrested. If this guy can't keep a group of grown men from performing 62 illegal actions a game after so many weeks of avoidable penalties, who's to say he can't avoid illegal actions off the field? Heck, the NFLPA may already be ahead of us.

While most of these probably won't happen, it's time to fire Schiano, get a real franchise QB, and bring winning back to Tampa Bay football.

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