What the Buc's need to do now

Hello fellow Buc fans,

I am not a fan that will hate on players because that's the trend or hate on my beloved team. I supported Josh Freeman throughout his tenure in Tampa, because I genuinely thought he had a good chance at becoming our first (lets be honest) franchise quarterback. I was behind Raheem Morris even though he showed great struggles after he just simply lost the team and their dying spirit. Rah's response to the firing was a class act, he knew he had ruined the team and he had no choice but to step down.

Enter, Greg Schiano. Let me set the record straight, I love the hard nosed managing coach that Schiano is, I love Bill, Landry, Lombardi and especially Gruden. I believed it was a good thing for him to come in (2012) and light everyone up for their mistakes, given, everyone makes them, but its the N-F-L god dammit, you are paid to be a star, and that time no one was. No whether or not Schiano liked Freeman coming into Tampa is irrelevant, he still had to prove to Schiano and the coaching staff he was worthy of starting, as everyone else did. In 2012, Josh Freeman had some high points and low points to say the least, for a 5-game stretch he was what people saw as the next best thing, but for a 6-game stretch he was that ugly beard that needed to be shaved.

So what did Schiano do? He went out and drafted rookie Mike Glennon, when this happened I was in shock. For the last 3 years, basically all we have seen behind the center was a air-head QB who I honestly questioned. Every time Josh took a snap, I just felt anxious, like I felt he would find a way to screw it up. You should not have to feel that way as a fan, so Glennon was a refreshing look. But, I put aside my personal feelings for Free and had made up my mind that he was the life-line for the team. If Free played good, we would win.... and I was right.

I thought, it was Freeman's second year in the system in 2010 when he broke out, it must be fate... right? Wrong. Freeman looked the same, if not worse. Now you may point the finger at Schiano, I personally don't know who to blame. But, let's face it, he is in his 5th season, he needed to show leadership and I don't think I have ever seen it. So after a dismal 0-2 start, what happens? We go into New England and get our ass handed to us. Our offense started off promising but then flopped like a turd in a toilet bowl. Freeman ended the game playing terrible, yes I know you have to think about the dropped catches, but lets face it. Other then those he still was the same old Free.

So what does Schiano do? He benches Freeman, which I believe is to this day the best decision we could of made. It's not like Freeman was throwing 300 yards a game, and we still found ourselves losing. You may say...

"But Freeman put us in position to win countless times, and our defense let up..."

No! No! No No No NO NO!! You cannot say that!!! Why did Freeman wait until the last five minutes to play "good" if Freeman played well all game, or even reasonable, we wouldn't have to be in that position to come back. The countless missed opportunities costed us a 3-1 start.

Enter Mike Glennon's first match. Let's all be honest, every one of you felt ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!! For that first half, we all entered the mind of Greg Schiano and saw what he saw in Mike all this time. Then reality hit us, and before we knew it, he was hit and we all saw that ball flop into the air for Patrick Peterson. All of a sudden, the man not hours before you praised, you cursed. I know because that was me, I was silent.

But what annoyed me, was the articles on the very site, saying that just after Glennon's first start, you're giving up on him, like that! How is the young man meant to get better if his entire fan-base is crashing down on him.

So now after a very descriptive introduction, I offer you a few options.

  • Buc's release Josh Freeman, Glazers hold onto Schiano and Mike Glennon's improvements give the organisation reason to believe in Schiano's "Buccaneer Way" for one more season.
  • Buc's release Josh Freeman, along with Greg Schiano and his coaching staff during the bye week, ending the drama and hopefully bring a new offense and a better fitting defensive scheme.
  • Buc's hold onto Josh Freeman, the drama escalates and Greg Schiano is found guilty of leaking Josh Freeman's drug status causing the Glazers to make immediate action.

But ultimately the way I see it, Greg Schiano is not the coach of our future, whether you like him (I do), or hate him (I sometimes do) and we need to act fast to save us from losing future stars during re-siging time such as Mccoy, Barron, David, Martin.
So I think it is fair to say, we SHOULD and hopefully WILL have a new head coach when the season is all said and done. One who has control over the team, but not a vice grip. One who has discipline, but a lovable character. One who will let the offense burst and let Revis Island do what he does best. One who will take this team to the playoffs at least.
So, the Glazer Family. Please take this under consideration, and take immediate action. Not only is Greg Schiano ruining our team, but he is defacing it at twice the rate. Everyone who reads this and feels the same, please, please share the article.




Thankyou for those who read.

Your's truthfully,

Just Another Bucs Fan

If Schiano is fired, who would you like out of these candidates to replace him. Me personally Jay Gruden. But if we were to bring in Shanahan, we could implement an offense similar to Seattle, Washington, SF or Carolina. Maybe draft someone like Marcus Mariota or Johnny Manziel and put him in the backfield with Martin. WOW

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