Who is your top 5 favorite Bucs QB's of all time?

Well judging by the comments and the length of such comments, I think we are all ready for the season to be over with and for the draft to hurry up and get here so we can see where the Bucs will be headed in the near future. Is Freeman going to turn it around? Will the coaches turn it around? Will we make the playoffs? We got plenty of time and we will all be debating about that like last year we debated about either Richardson or Claiborne. But since Freeman is the hot topic right now it made me start thinking about the QB's of past and I'm curious to whom were you all's personal top 5 QB's in franchise history. Now i have been a fan since 1997. So I didn't watch Doug Williams, Steve Young or Vinny Testaverde play. But here are my top 5 and here's why:

5. Josh Freeman

By default he is on my list. He continues to tease us with his up and down hot and cold play. And he has been by far the best QB of our franchise which isn't saying much. Meh.

4. Chris Simms

I really liked him alot. Took us to a playoff appearance and had potential. He had the late game heroics like Freeman has and was inconsistent like Freeman was too. I hated that Gruden didnt see he used to get his balls batted down so much and never used him on rollout patterns much. The bat downs killed us in a heartbreaker versus the Redskins in the playoffs. Then he struggled the next season and played his heart out in the Panthers game when he ruptured his spleen. (Damn you Panthers). After that his career was over.

3. Jeff Garcia

Well he was exciting to me. He wasnt the greatest but he had heart. He scrambled and made something out of nothing and led us to a 2007 playoff appearance (our last smh) and we lost to the Giants. He was 54 years old but he played like he was 20. In 2008 he was benched early in the season but fought back and we were at the top of the NFC south headed into the playoffs at 9-3 before the heartbreaking and never forgettable Monday night game vs Carolina. This was Garcia's best game as a Buc. It seemed like him and Antonio Bryant were just killing the Panthers but the combo of Stewart and Williams running up and down our defense and combined with Kiffin's announcement to leave killed the franchise. We ended up going 9-7 and missing the playoffs.

2. Shaun King

This guy was great. Came out of nowhere and took us to the NFC championship as a rookie and another robbery in the game vs the Rams (Bert Emanual cauggth that damn ball). he came back next year and got us to 10-6 and missing the playoffs because of got damn gramatica missing the FG against Green bay. After that his career sadly ended as well.

1. Its a TIE!!!! well sort of. im going to go 1a and 1b.

1b. Brad Johnson

He gets my respect alone just for being the QB that guided us to the super bowl. That alone I will always be forever thankful to him... and our all time great defense and coaching staff......


I became a fan in 1997. Dilfer was one of the reasons why i became a Bucs fan. Along with the tough jerseys and the defense and Warrick Dunn, Mike Alstott and the fast receivers in Jacquez Green and Reidel Anthony lol. He made the pro bowl in 1997. He help start the Buccaneers from being the joke of the NFL to serious contenders... allong with the defense, jerseys, and coaching as well. But I was upset when he left even though he was up and down and struggled. I guess I had the 2012 Freeman fever most have now. But what made me more upset is that he goes to Baltimore who I absolutley hate to this day and wins a Super Bowl with them. Ah well. But thats my list.

Tell me what you think and list your own. Ummmm i dont think we had many QBs anyways so it shouldnt be hard lol.

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