Possible Trade options / Mock Offseason...


Eric Wright: he’s a decent CB but unless he agrees to restructure his contract he is no-where near worth the money that the Bucs are going to pay him for next year, and thanks to his suspension we can cut him with no penalty.

L. Blount: If we fail to trade him to possibly GB, DET, PIT or even the Jets (Mainly teams that don’t have any money to really spend on a RB that would take a shot on someone who has some upside for at least a 6th round pick). If not than CUT him… there is nothing more frustrating than watching someone fumble the ball constantly through the season and cost us games.

CUT/TRADE Benn: between injuries, fumbles and lack of faith that the coaches have in him I think we should try and shop him for at least a 5ht/6th round draft pick I wish that we could have used him more but clearly it’s just not working out. CUT him if we can’t get anything for him though.

Luke Stocker, Cut him. Constant disappointment…. Need I say more?

Quincy Black: He looked better this year but I feel that for the money we could do a whole lot better in FA or the draft for a replacement.

With these 3 cuts we should be looking at about roughly 44 Million for cap room.


Ronde Barber: I feel that after this year and seeing how well he did and his belief that he has in Greg and the new system that he would like one last shot to try and make the post-season. I think a 2.5 Million one year contract should be more than enough to lock that in.

Michael Bennett & Roy Miller: I might one of the few people out there that feels that are D-line is very good and talented and in my opinion I think that with the right coaching and technique we could have a very good defense that could get better pressure on the QB. I feel between the two we wrap up another 12.5 million.

FA Signings (29 Mil in cap left)

CB - Sean Smith: the guy is fast and he is 6’3!! He would be a great CB for the team, pay him the money he wants in a 6 year 40 mil contract and lock up a big, fast starting CB for the future. (Hey with what we were going to pay Eric wright why not actually get a GOOD! CB this time)

QB - Byron Leftwich: I know there is nothing big and shiny about this but is gives us an older (former starter) to the roster that won’t coast the organization anything to bring in, he could help coach and challenge Freeman through training camp and the season.

WR - Domenik Hixon: Hixion would be a familiar face for Mike Sullivan and with his height (6’2) and his proven ability to be a great No. 3/Slot receiver Hixion would be a great addition to the offense that could be moved around if need be with Jackson and Williams to create miss-match’s in the coverage.

TE Martellus Bennett: again 6’6 great size and guess what? He can block AND catch the ball! I hope the Bucs use their relationship with his brother to help bring Bennett to Tampa, I feel he would be volumes better than Clark was not to mention younger and bigger. This could very well be the TE of the future for a while.

After these signings this should leave Tampa roughly 9/10 Mil left in CAP room (more than enough to sign draft picks)


1st Round Trade back with Dallas, Jerry Jones doesn’t know how to NOT trade his picks and Mark and Greg obviously like to move around as well. I think we Trade back from 13 to 18 and add a 4th and 6th round picks. And we draft CB Jonathan Banks. Dallas is changing from 4-3 to 3-4 and will need best pass rusher/NT they can get. Alternate pick would be CB Xavier Rhodes.

2nd Alex Okafor OLB/DE, Texas this guy paired up with David and Foster would create a fast amazing LB core.

2nd Trade with St. Louis for pick # 46 give up our 4th, DAL 4th and draft Zach Ertz TE, Stanford

3rd Trade with Eagles (swap 3rd round picks and throw in 6th from DAL) to move up and grab S Bacarri Rambo, Georgia. Sit him behind Barber and give him more and more snaps through the season and I think we has a new starting FS for next year.

4th draft RB Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State. With Blount out the door and maybe Ware this would give us a legit No. 2 Back behind Martin.

5th Round draft QB E.J Manuel, Florida State. Give Freeman the competition he needs to make him better.

6th Round draft WR Denard Robinson, Michigan.

7th Round draft T Ricky Wagner, Wisconsin.

Please feel free to praise or Rip apart these predictions, its early and I know things are going to change but I feel that with the players we already have and the additions through FA and the Draft we should be able to have quality starters at all positions of need and also build/plan depth for the future.

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