Mike Williams contract, Pro Bowl videos, Q&A attack: Links


Tampa Bay Buccaneers looking to extend WR Williams' contract | TBO.com
Good for him.

Bucs Q&A: Bucs interested in FSU's Manuel? | TBO.com

Bucs Q&A: Where does Freeman stand with Bucs? | TBO.com
In good standing.

Bucs Q&A: Bucs looking at FSU CB Rhodes? | TBO.com

Bucs Q&A: Will Bill Sheridan be back on staff? | TBO.com

Bucs Q&A: How will team handle CB issue? | TBO.com
By adding new ones.

Bucs Q&A: Why doesn't Freeman run more? | TBO.com
Because he throws instead.

Bucs Q&A: What is biggest need on offense? | TBO.com
Tight end.

What's Mike Williams worth in contract talks with Bucs? | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Around 6 million per year.

JoeBucsFan.com | Laura Okmin Talks Schiano, Freeman & Barber - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Ronde coming back?

Manuel And Freeman Share Similarities | Pewter Report
Inconsistency and inaccuracy?

Super Bowl 2013: The San Francisco 49ers' multiple & enterprising rushing attack - SBNation.com
Some great scheme breakdown here.

The greatest game: Eli, Brady, the Catch, and the American Aftermath - SBNation.com
Hah, good story.

Bill Barnwell on San Francisco's 2012 campaign - Grantland
Why didn't they regress?

Facebook Data Provides The Most Accurate NFL Fandom Map Ever Created

Baltimore Ravens' roster shows brilliance of GM Ozzie Newsome - NFL.com
How to build a Super Bowl team.

Watching Joe Flacco from his teacher's perspective. | SportsonEarth.com : Mike Tanier Article
Cool stuff.

[Video] Doug Williams in Super Bowl XXII: Great Moment in #beatemdown History; Bomani & Jones, episode 75 - YouTube
The last Bomani & Jones ever :(.

Buccaneers Partner with ARAMARK at Raymond James Stadium | Buccaneers.com

Bucs Knew Vincent Jackson Would Work to Be Great | Buccaneers.com

[Video] Pro Bowl Excursion: Doug Hits the Racetrack | Buccaneers.com

[Video] Behind The Bench-2013 Pro Bowl | Buccaneers.com

[Video] 2013 Game Bites NFC vs. AFC | Buccaneers.com
And some more.

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