What are we going to do at Linebacker?

In 2011 our Linebackers were our weakest link in my opinion. But in 2012 we did a complete 180 with the addition of Lavonte David. Mason Foster was solid this year as well. And even Black was decent with his limited time in before his injury. Now I'm a little confused on how the Linebackers were used for the most part. They were excellent against the run. A little shaky against the pass. David is a rookie and I expect him to get better, I'm still shaky on Foster in the pass defense and Black rarely was on the field from what I have seen/heard. I'm still wondering how they will or are going to use the LB's in the blitz schemes. It didnt seem to work much last year with the exception of the last game. It looks like they tried to used them in blitzng up the middle alot and not to much rushing off the edge. I doubt that the blitzing schemes will change much but it would be nice to be able to use our OLB's to blitz from the edge more. Foster looks like he can do that and David as well. I think Watson can too. But I have heard many people want us to draft Khasheem Greene from Rutgers because well hes from Rutgers and because Black will most likely be gone. So what will we do?

I'm not sure. They could kick Foster to the outside and draft a MLB? Or do we stick with Foster as the MLB and draft an OLB that can really be an effective rusher of the QB as well? Or do we just get a LB that strictly for run stopping? Or do we finally get to see the Najee "the secret weapon" Goode? I personally would like to get a OLB that can get to the QB so that can help our pass rush better and since we like to blitz so much. Or at least help create turnovers. Our LB's didnt really cause alot of turnovers.The funny thing is i thought Black would have been a great pass rusher but rarely see him being blitzed or if he was he didnt do anything. If we do try and draft a LB I wouldnt go with Green from Rutgers. Here are some other options I would go with:

  • Jarvis Jones (he will more than likely be gone unless we trade up which I doubt)
  • C.J. Mosley ( solid at getting to the QB but is a beast at pass defense and will cause turnovers)
  • Chase Thomas Stanford more of a 3-4 LB but can get to the QB
  • Sean Porter (poor man's Von Miller) interesting prospect over all
  • Andrew Jackson (ILB who is a big hitter who can play MLB if Foster moves to the outside)
  • Nico Johnson (I have him in my mock draft very good run stuffing LB who struggles in pass defense but would fit in as a spot if we just want a run stopping LB in the 5-6 rounds)

Let me know what you think.

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