Rookie Stat Prediction in 2012 Season

Earlier Sander wrote a post saying that Doug Martin and Mark Barron stand a very good chance to claim the DROY and OROY awards, respectively. I will cast my vote in for Lavonte David to be strong canidate as well. So my question is with new offense and defensive philosphies in place, how productive will each player be?

Lets start with the offense. Mike Sullivan is bringing a offense to Tampa that is still a relative unknown because he was only a QB coach with the NYG therefore had no true 'fingerprint' on the offense. Per Schiano and many players it will be safe to assume that we will be far from strangers in the ground game and with a O line built to do it as well the Muscle Hamster winning the #1 spot i'm expecting big things. Watching plenty college tape on Martin you see a player well versed in inside and outside running. Maybe his best features are his incredible balance and vision. He has a quick 'twitch' that often leaves defenders grasping air. Shared loads with Blount will only keep both backs fresh.

My Prediction: 1,182yd 7TD's/ 35rec 525yds 2TD's

Red Barron, where do I start with this guy. He is a stud and seems to be caring everything over from Alabama that we had hoped. Fearless at taking on blocks and known for the devastating hit, Mark Barron seems to be the player we have sorely lacked on the back end since the days of John Lynch, albeit Jermaine Phillips was a good player for a period of time. His coverage skills are very underrated and will surprise most teams when they try to test him. Having a savvy vet in your ear also doesnt help as I am going to go out on a limb and say Barber/Barron will form one of the better tandems in the league. With the defense Schiano and Sheridan are gonna run, the SS will play very close to the line and be asked to do a multitude of things such as blitz and cover. This defense will be tailor made to maximize Barron's skillset.

My Prediction: 103tlk, 3sck, 4int, 2ff, 10pdef

Whats not to like about Lavonte David?? Come on just pop in the tape and watch the guy fly around conjuring up memories of good 'ol Double Nickel. Undersized and fast yet a very solid tackler and great cover LB is his make up. More often than not David is gonna make the play on sheer anticipation and instincts alone which is evident by his knack for tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Though the defense concept has changed, as the Will backer he will have plenty of shots for the "splash plays" as he will be ask to cover tight ends, backs and maybe a occasional slot reciever from time to time.I have a feeling he will have a slow start though but when he catches up to the game speed and gains that confidence factor, NFL WATCH OUT!

My Predictions: 135tlk, 4sck, 4int, 2ff, 1frec, 8pdef

How do you think our beloved Rook's will do this upcoming season?

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