What are some changes that the Bucs coaching staff must start making?

Well I wish that the treacherous three Schiano aka Captain Kneeldown, Bill Sheridan (who got bailed out because McCoy came to you and said lets make some changes and it worked), and Mike Sullivan (who maybe still using Greg Olsen's playbook and has the playcalling style equal to Danny O'Shea from the Little Giants) read this post. Unlikely but i digress. However if they were to read this I would like to offer some suggestions and yall can chip in as well.

First of all Sensei John Kreese, this isnt Madden. Please stop running the nano blitz at the end of the game. The first time when I saw it i thought it was cheesy. But I let it go. This week was plain embarrassing. You run it three times in a row, you cuss your team out after the defense gave it their all and the last time just looked bad. We get more attention not from our play but now we are known as the Corba Kai Bucs. And now teams are ready for it. So the surprise factor isnt there so you are just running it now to get your jollies off. Maybe you can switch it up. Try running it during the game or maybe dropping back into an unexpected zone? Let me stop before he really tries that.

Second stop running the same plays over and over again. Again this isnt Madden. You cant keep running the some dive play over and over and OVER!!! If your going to run the play that much at least put Blount in. (MESSAGE) Your going to get Martin killed and your going to wear him down a la Caddy. use Martin on some outside runs. Get him into space so he can make people miss. His biggest run for 17 yards against the Cowboys was an off tackle run.

Third Bill Sheridan your defensive playcalling in the 4th Quarter of the Giants game was the worst. But I forgive you. Thank God that Mccoy took Sapp's advice and told you to let them loose up front. But one more suggestion please. PLEASE STOP USING THE THREE MAN RUSH!!! I dont care if its 3rd and 50 please rush 4 people. We already have it hard enough to rush 4.

Fourth Mike Sullivan whatever it is that you are doing now just do the opposite. Again call the plays that best suit your players. Start taking more shots downfield. Even if you want to run the dive, maybe you can spread the defense out and use some 3 or 4 wide formations and then run the dive. Its called the element of surprise. Our line isnt getting the push we want, and our TEs cant block very well either. Spread them out and make more space to run or if they stay stacked then its a better chance to throw.

Also start throwing more slants to Mike Will. It gets Freeman in a rhythm. And stop being so predictable and know if something is working or not. If its not working go to other plays.

Finally Schaino let Freeman be free and more relaxed. Allow him to make plays. Give Blount more touches. Bring back Smith for kick returns. And please PLEASE GIVE BLOUNT MORE TOUCHES.

Your welcome.

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