Hello fellow fans of the sport of football. I'm coming to you regarding the horrible result of tonights Monday Night football game. This was clearly the result of terrible officiating and is a threat to the integrity of this season and perhaps this sport. I don't think anyone with eyes, not currently employed as an official for tonight's game, can honestly say this was anything other than an interception. So with that said tonight it cost the Packers a victory. So what, heck I'm a Lions fan so it is actually a plus for my team of choice! Then again, if the game is going to be played (officiated) like this I'd rather endure a lifetime of 0-16's and Matt Millen as my neighbor!!!

So I ask you this, is today's NFL the NFL you want?

If the answer is no then I encourage you to do something about it!. What can little old you, or me, do about it? I suggest you take the action I did and get on twitter (something I rarely do..) and let the commissioner Goodall know what you think. This is what I said:

YOUR lockout has destroyed the integrity of the NFL. Until the regular officials are in place I will

Say whatever you want to him, or the twitterverse as a whole, whatever. At the very least just get on there and use the hashtag #boycottNFL so it continues to trend through the roof. Not only that encourage your wife, kids, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, and family pets to get on their twitter account to do the same! If you don't have a twitter account, get one!

It's up to the fans of the sport to insist they do whatever it takes to get the real officials in there NOW to do whatever they can to ensure a fiasco like this doesn't happen again. My hope is they make the officials full time employees that do nothing other than focus on their job in order to perform it the best they possibly can.... oh and get eye exams!!!

Thank you!

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