Making a "Seamless" shirt

We have been here before...

The loss to the Giants two weeks ago reminded me of December 6, 1992. The Bucs were leading the "LA" Rams 27-3 at halftime. The Bucs lost 31-27 and I "offically" got initated as a Bucs fan, I was in the stands at the old stadium that day (my first NFL game).

The loss to the Cowboys today was different in so many ways., however, that 5-11 Buc team in 1992 might share the same record with this 2012 version.

Somewhere John Gruden is LHAO

Mr. Dungy too.

Perfection in preparation is nearly impossible, everyone knows that Murphy lurks in the locker room and his law, only beneth GOD's law, is infallible. A broken record is what kept turning in my mind roday watching this "Ugly" display. Evertime Shciano screamed or rubbed his forehead I knew I had seen this before: Uncertanity, Disspointment, Over Thinking, Regret, Frustration and "Why didn't I stay at Rutgers?.

I feel sorry for my TV, I yelled at it more than Beethoven's wife yelled at the composer. (He was deaf folks)

This is "NOT" a Hollywood film where the Head Coach sticks to his philosphy no matter what, See Also: bad "B" films about college football coaches.

This is "NOT" about proving that you will not waiver and will not give in, c'mon Greg S. we know your a hardass, the players know it and the press has even given you props about it.

This "IS" about NOT running the ball on 3rd and long at the end of the game, down by nine points, because you can, but because you CAN'T!

I thought the Giants loss upset me, but today the Cowboys players kept smiling (laughing at us) at the way the Bucs were being coached. Not just at Schiano, but the staff as a whole.

The "Highlight" of today's match for FOX was the final three plays where "rush the victory formation" was something Schiano had to do. The score did not matter, just Greg making sure Greg was not questioned about his "own" beleifs...too bad that he held back all that power, emotion and strength for the three plays that did not matter.

The Bucs are not a laughing stock, rather the Bucs are on the verge of being a very dangerous and capable team, right now the question is CAN WE WIN Greg's way?.

Stop playing to prove you are NFL worthy and just play.

Perfection is a dangerous thing to plan for, maybe Schiano learned that today.

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